14239 Marvel Announces Phase 4 At SDCC Panel

Marvel Announces Phase 4 At SDCC Panel

Our panel covers EVERYTHING that went down in Marvel Studio’s panel at SDCC 2019 – including announcing it’s Phase 4 lineup! Black Widow, Disney+, Thor 4, Blade, and more!
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Marvel Announces Phase 4 Panel At SDCC

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28 reviews - Marvel Announces Phase 4 At SDCC Panel

  1. 12:07 he wasn't saying "weird" – he kept saying "strange" .

  2. Beather bee spider man and blade horor movie

  3. BSONE says:

    Yay Marvel discover people of color congratulations? yay hand clap hand clap hand clap okay that's great guys and ladies?

    Thanks a lot really appreciate it ONLY been waiting until the turn of the century for you to consider people of color to be actual Superheroes.
    Do me a favor go ahead do the Blade Movie… and and if everyone on set looks like an entire jar of mayonnaise know you already have an issue sorry if I don't trust you? (( yet )) and you best find a way to put Wesley Snipes seriously
    somehow someway in that Movie… better put him in there. Real Talk*

    Please can someone do something with Storm and Bishop of the X-Men and make them a movie I could be proud of please.
    I know it sounds like I'm being sarcastic and I'm truly from my heart very excited about what you guys, are considering doing but let me explain this to you Marvel right now how it feels for me.
    If I lived in an all black community and I looked out my window and saw two white cops walking down the street saying they're going to start doing community Patrol excuse me if I'm a little bit nervous, no correction a lot ?

  4. There is not a chance in hell that i will ever watch the mighty thor with natalie portman as chris hemsworths replacement .odins favorite son is not a small woman im sorry.i am more excited about the cast of the eternals then tge actual film itself .i cant wait to see shang chi and the legend of the ten rings .ans of course dr strange 2 black panther 2 and captain marvel 2 are very high on my to do watch liist .the falcon and the winter soldier is a good route to go and i love there chemistry .i will keep an open mind for wanda vision and its about time that those mutants that you hate to love those uncanny x men are back in the mcu where they belong .i still dont know how you can make mr fantastics powers work effectively with special effects but the marvel universe needs reed richards now that iron man is gone .and then there is the return of the daywalker oh my god starring true detectives marhashala ali talk about a game changer damn.i only wish that cloak n dagger will one day make it to the big screen in the marvel universe because they have a story that alot of people can relate to..comic con was special and im already overwhelmed.stan the man lee would be proud marvel forever

  5. Resting on their laurels aside, they just better bring it.

  6. They've made enough changes from the comics to the movies, if they were going to make a female Thor, they should have given it to Valkyrie and not Jane Foster.

  7. MrUniq says:

    Those old blade movies are pretty pg13 by today’s standards except for the cursing

  8. No X men talk?

  9. Is the guy on the right going to let anyone else talk? Geez.

  10. Why do you have to "ship" every character

  11. super psyched for all of these upcoming projects but I'm skeptical of the Thor movie only because Portman was my least favorite part of Thor 1 and 2

  12. I am so for Natalie Portman holding my hammer

  13. they could introduce Blade in Spiderman 3 if it has Moebios ? in it

  14. hawkeye saved the gauntlet from the symbiote aliens underneath the avengers base in endgame

  15. why call Loki messing with time, he has the space stone

  16. I got goosebumps hearing about the Blade presentation…fingers crossed

  17. leahpea says:

    I’m just SO excited for MCU’s first east-Asian fronted movie… no one has mentioned how awesome that is! Their first female and African-American fronted movies got big headlines, but not this?

  18. Not Undead says:

    I am more excited about Hawkeye than any other announcement. Tracksuit mafia here we come!!!

  19. unit03 says:

    Is it weird? Or is it strange?

  20. Eternals, the B-Team knockoff of Inhumans, who were already the B-Team knockoff of the X-Men.

  21. I'm sure the Black Widow movie will be hyped/advertised as a spy thriller despite it not having any spying in it whatsoever, just like Winter Soldier. But maybe they'll stumble into some actual thematic choices, unlike all but a few Marvel movies.

  22. Love and Basketball! Deep cut Roth, totally love it <3

  23. Marvel even in comics had a edge over others and now MCU has entered a whole lane by itself where even DC can't compete. Don't @ me unless u have a great retort ✌?

  24. Dr. YACCO says:

    “The Winter Soldier movie had no superpowers” what the fuck?? Oh yeah, two superhumans falling through windows 20 floors down and nothing happening to them…yeah

  25. Dude…the Spiderman spoilers…11:40 watch out. Not cool

  26. The Next BiG bad Marvel Villian has too be a Another CGI Character w/ Emotional Depth Actor like Josh Brolin

  27. I don’t know if I would like this Loki….

  28. Simu Liu is awesome and charming on Kim's Convenience (a Canadian show about a Korean storekeeper and his family)

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