31710 MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

Due to a glitch, Harmony gets transferred to Millwood Middle School where she must try her best to fit in with a whole new set of faces (and not all of them are friendly)!

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Sky’s parents hire an unconventional nanny—er, a manny named Mani—to look after her. In this wacky comedy, Mani and Sky form an unlikely bond as Mani helps Sky and her friends learn life lessons from the art of roasting to how to nail the perfect dude handshake.

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MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

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28 article reviews MANI | Season 5 | Official Trailer

  1. Brat TV

    which middle school would you rather go to: Attaway or Millwood?

  2. Lakia Driscoll

    what happened to sky, goth girl, Dylan and some of the other old characters 🥺 them plus the new characters would of been so cool😢💜

  3. Iliana Ily

    I do not like mani really much because piper txunamy sophie and coco are not there 🙁😕😞

  4. Adie Dyke

    I love Mani

  5. Josalynn Gutierrez

    Where is piper rockelle

  6. Mariana Toro Giraldo

    madea whooooooo?

  7. latasha townsend

    What happened to sky

    👇👇👇 If you want the old members back

  8. Rachel Ohiaeri

    i can't wait!!!

  9. Aqila Sabir

    I can't wait to see…

  10. ari grande stan

    can’t wait for mani!!

  11. Katelyn BARON

    wait chicken girls- lol

  12. Rashidah Sabaktullah

    where Piper……Piper out because she's fight with coco

  13. Zerrah plays

    Who wants piper back?

  14. Simardeep SOMAL

    Yay I am so happy that there is a season five like if u agree

  15. Jariah Ford

    So no more Piper 😔😔😔 (I’m literally crying right now😢😢) I guess dreams don’t come true 😢😢

  16. Rebecca4Life

    I wish Sky could still be in it

  17. Iamapreson !

    is sky ever coming back or did she move to Australia for good???????????

  18. Gloria Iyaoromi

    Where's sky?

  19. мойзес сиснерос

    great Mani Season 5 🤣🤭waiting 🤙

  20. Cousin Squad

    its not good bc coco and piper aren't in there

  21. Woosh

    But why did they have to remove all the other cast from maní like sky

  22. Sarah And Safah

    Really excited and curious to know what happens next 😊😊

  23. Vannya Ramirez

    OMG I'm so excited for season 5

  24. Oscar Sonido Jalado

    (Useing my dads account) I dont want corinne to be in the show shes kinda sassy and annoying sorry ;-;

  25. Emoji

    Why did you have to make sky gooooo

  26. Felecia kpou

    i'd rather go to Attaway lmao, they seem kinda nicer!

  27. Kaylin Sugihara

    I can’t wait to see this

  28. Evangeline Sage

    All I gotta say is that… Harmony—Hayley looks great!

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