7576 MAJELE Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Bukunmi Oluwasina| Omowumi Dada |Oyebade Adebimpe| |Abiodun Babalola

MAJELE Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Bukunmi Oluwasina| Omowumi Dada |Oyebade Adebimpe| |Abiodun Babalola

Sometimes in the early 80s, an unforgettable incident happened in a place called Ilaju town. MAJELE a film by Bogunmbe Abiola Paul,
Starring Bukunmi Oluwasina, Omowumi Dada, Muyiwa Ademola, Abiodun Babalola, Toyin Alausa, Oyebade Adebimpe, Dayo Adegbite , Mistura Asumo, Akin Olaiya, Akin Kolapo, Adeola Ayoade Khadijah, Shalewa Yusuf

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44 reviews - MAJELE Latest Yoruba Movie 2019 Bukunmi Oluwasina| Omowumi Dada |Oyebade Adebimpe| |Abiodun Babalola

  1. Hummm ife.. Thanks for uploading kudos to all the crew and cast

  2. Ope Ade says:

    I see black beauties ????pls don't bleach at all, so beautiful

  3. I enjoyed this movie. Please upload the past 2 on time. Kudos

  4. This movie is just too pure n interesting thanks for the upload can't wait for the next part.

  5. Interesting we are waiting for the concluding part

  6. Eku ise opolo, ere na dun pupo, ??

  7. This is the best I have ever watched. Very pure movie. I feel attached to the Yoruba culture once again

  8. Such a great movie and beautiful interpretation by Babalola Abiodun

  9. Wow what à great movie @

  10. Why cant I download ooo

  11. Incredible movie, I learned a new original yoruba word , Ife re oungogo si ????? kudos

  12. Nice movie, waiting for concluding part

  13. I can't wait to watch the part 2

  14. Hmm i love this movie kudos to all the crew and cast watching from Saudi Arabia

  15. Whether you like it or not am here because of @ bukumi oluwasina if it was a poison for some you guys that you are enemies of progress better dont watch youruba movie again because I dont know why you guys are like dis is better for you to watch ur movie without comment and waka jeje .pls dont come down to my comments and insult me because u are not paying my bill and you are not d one sub for me so leave people that is comment about there fans alone dis is d way they can support there role model for giving them more strength to there elbows .All bofanites group pls gather here for selfie ?

  16. DuduFlix says:

    give us the part 2

  17. Good job so interesting pat 2 pls

  18. Kudos 2 #Itele! Keep itup brother.

  19. Interesting and eduacative movie………
    Love is d most important thing in life……….
    Kudos to all d cast and crew……
    Waiting for d concluding part………
    Tanks for uploading libra tv…….

  20. Waiting for part 2, good job very interesting movie

  21. Plz the concluding part ooo

  22. Kudos to all the cast especially subuola, she's very talented ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. I love this movie alot…… ???

  24. Interesting movie good job

  25. Watching….,
    Thanks for uploading Libratv

  26. Well scripted…. I love this. Apparently, we shouldn't be too quick to give up on Yoruba movies. Aa n reti APA keji.

  27. Mr. Sam says:

    Good job. so interesting ? ??

  28. Waiting for the concluded part that black girls I liked too much???

  29. This is a very interesting movie indeed

  30. Yorubatic movie?.

  31. Pls wen is d part 2 coming out o
    Can't wait

  32. This is purely Yoruba..great kudos to the crew..efunwani part 2 on time

  33. Yoruba dun ni ede

  34. I hate your show

  35. Bukunmi Oluwasina to d world✌❤

  36. This soundtrack weak me o ???????nice movie thou.

  37. Momma u re always bursting my brain @bukunmioluwasina. Am late in watching this pardon me bofanites.

  38. (Score: Very Good – 88%) B )) Producer/Director: Bogunmbe Abiola Paul

    A great effort by all the cast. The dialogue is purely superb. The concept is very good and the storyline interesting. Abiola Babalola was very impressive same for Oyebade Adebimpe. Kudos to all the cast

  39. Nje e le lomi mo ere miran t'ofi ara pe iru sinima yii??.. Tabi ki e tete bawa fi apa keji ere yii (mojele) so ori afefe.

  40. All this and that whatever lovers pls play matured ejur, let’s watch movie and drop good comments

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