Loki Theme V5: Ride of The Valkyries | EPIC GLORIOUS VERSION (Episode 5 Soundtrack)

Loki Soundtrack by Natalie Holt. Arranged and Re-Orchestrated by Yours Truly.
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Loki Theme by Natalie Holt
Arranged & Orchestrated by Samuel Kim

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27 reviews - Loki Theme V5: Ride of The Valkyries | EPIC GLORIOUS VERSION (Episode 5 Soundtrack)

    Press F for Classic Loki… T.T

  2. Marcus Aseth says:

    Classic Loki is an Hero and a Legend

  3. Sir Gwan says:

    "Frigga would be proud"

  4. Classic Loki did a dignified thing that moment.

    He sacrificed himself in an honorable way and choosing to see his home one last time. Think about that.

    Something he probably used to do in his solitude, as a way to ease the homesickness.

    YOU CAN BE SURE that Odin and Frigg would certainly be proud of the true hero their SON has become. Just like us.

    Absolutely WORTHY . Glorious. Glorious!! (1:30)

  5. driu grikis says:

    This is the best soundtrack of loki series

  6. That fucking Asgard scene. God damn.

  7. Autumn Peace says:


  8. John Sioui says:

    Please add to Spotify!

  9. Eric 98 says:


  10. Classic Loki ain't dead. Remember his story of how he faked his death. He is a master illusionist.


  12. Wow amazing! I loved classic Loki and I loved this music! Too three scenes from the MCU in my opinion!

  13. Idk why but President Loki is my favorite. Idk why. He is so charming!

  14. An unpredictable show ever. The soundtrack is really great

  15. Angel JP says:

    esta epicardo!!!

  16. Richard E Grant truly was glorious as Classic Loki

  17. The composers on Wandavision were already hi rep, and outdid themselves, the composer on Loki was an unknown and given a real break by Disney, and boy did it pay off.

  18. Oh Yee Club says:

    I thought Wanda vision was good then I saw f&ws couldn't decide which was better. Then Loki came along and stole the cake!

  19. Sam Smith says:

    Classic Loki, showed us how a blood brother of Odin lives and dies, standing.

  20. Mitayo Onash says:

    Anyone care to explain if our Loki is the "real " or "original" Loki, cuz i got pretty confused with all these time lines 😐

  21. Epsa says:

    Can’t believe episode 6 is here next week. Damn that was fast

  22. GRS :D says:

    Дааа чего уж у сериала не отнять , так это его саундтрека . Действительно эпичный и приятный . Сам сериал вышел , по моему мнению, лучшим из всех выпущенных студией "Марвел".

  23. David O. says:

    BEFORE STARTING THE VIDEO, A Disney+ Loki teaser came up. How's that for timing?!

  24. ALRB❤ says:

    Quick reminder that Classic Loki is who our Loki will eventually become. 🙂

  25. Loki has been my Favourite and now this episode has alot of Suspense and the soundtrack is ??, it's literally giving me Goosebumps whenever i hear it !! I just wish Loki is a non ending Series ?…, Wednesday is no more Wednesday , its Loki-Day ❤️??

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