33291 Kevin Gates - Puerto Rico Luv [Official Music Video]

Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv [Official Music Video]

Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv
‘Only The Generals Part II’ OUT NOW!
Stream/Download: https://kevingates.lnk.to/OnlyTheGeneralsPartIIID

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49 article reviews Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv [Official Music Video]

  1. kevingatesTV

    'Only The Generals Part II' OUT NOW! 🚨
    Stream/Download: https://kevingates.lnk.to/OnlyTheGeneralsPartIIID

  2. Aight Man


  3. R L

    Go hard. People don't understand about 3rd 🌎 countries. For me it made me more humble. As Americans most individuals have no clue how well off the country of USA is. But with saying that again most individuals are simple minded with no helping the next individual or strive to be a better person each day fine with how they are.

  4. Jonathan Rogers


  5. Vinkev Entertainment

    Gates we missed you soo much thanks God you back

  6. Lil_yummy_jr


  7. Diverse Mentality

    "Me getting away the only thing that's keeping me from crashing" …. I felt that. This is why he's one of my favorites, the bars are gems always!

  8. Julio Montanez


  9. Ronald C.

    Nobody fucking with gates 🤧

  10. childish 818 k.i.D Sylmar California


  11. Osama_ 939

    La bestia 🗣🦾 the beast 🇵🇷

  12. Monique Berry

    Gates looking good asf…n the song on fy..

  13. Ashley Ramirez

    Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 love

  14. Samy Agustin

    Yeah 😎 tú sabe que la que ay 🇵🇷🔥

  15. Jason Smith

    Gates mastered his own lane 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Jonte Pledge

    Banger on repeat he went off!🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  17. Cfn Mike

    The world needs Kevin Gates 🤞🏼

  18. Kevin Martinez


  19. neilqueenhussle Watts

    I just took a trip too Puerto Rico love

  20. neilqueenhussle Watts

    Hate u when u out here forget u when u go too jail gates telling the truth on that this song is fire I love this song put bk on replay 3 more times 👍🤝💜

  21. Misael Muñiz

    Now i know why black people like the island.

  22. Lisa 1986

    love when you the bread great song

  23. KoupG

    only nigga that can talk about cartel and be alive .. you know he a real nigga 💯🔥

  24. MoneyTime Champ

    Pay attention

  25. Penutbutter Jelly

    Best storyteller nowadays

  26. Bangerfrmdabx

    fire song Kevin gates Puerto Rico stand up in proud of brig 100% boricua 🇵🇷♥️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Tristen Bentley

    Respect keep up the good work

  28. Emmanuel Godswill


  29. Jerrold Harris


  30. Jovell LLR

    YOOOO i just came from Puerto Rico

  31. chemidaman


  32. rufuss washingtin

    the gay rapper at it again. you trnna to hard

  33. Jojo Talmadge

    Lord protect this pussy heart I got I love to give‼️💪🏽

  34. Rosalind Hampton


  35. aaron natal

    Upright independent and fearless , if u know u know 5×4

  36. Redeyehighlights _

    Is them the phone from the song he made years ago 2 phones 😂😂 2:16

  37. Redeyehighlights _

    0:37 the head tap 😂😂

  38. Angel Corchado

    What does this song have to do with Puerto Rico I'm Puerto Rican and I'm lost

  39. OeZ On The Beat


  40. Dillon Moreau

    See you bout to make the same mistakes and let you bump ya head

  41. sia kaihau

    Okay .. Kevin is looking real daddyish these days.. Respectfully

  42. Pares Richmond

    I love you so much why the lil bitty shorts 😢😢😢 hubby! Stay sexy and grown man look for me baby ❤

  43. Allen Laster

    Where is Boobie Black & Kane

  44. drttyu liqm

    The “listening while scrolling down the comments” crew.

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