Kevin Feige OFFICIALLY Explains Why Captain Marvel Was on Vormir – AVENGERS ENDGAME



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50 reviews - Kevin Feige OFFICIALLY Explains Why Captain Marvel Was on Vormir – AVENGERS ENDGAME

  1. Alvin Corpus says:

    Favourite Moment: EVERYTHING BUT Iron Man's death.

  2. Eric Jackson says:

    Loved when cap picked up the hammer.

  3. One of my favorite ENDGAME moments was when Thor saw his mom, Queen Frigga, on the day she got killed.

    The other?


  4. I bet they offed Stan Lee ,, just to pull this shit off,, Nice hair black widow,,, blonde hair is to die for

  5. End game sucked wake up dumbasses captin fucking marvel A.k.a Plank. Fucked up the whole MCU in one movie I feel asleep in the movies.. Women know ur role and stay in place trying to be better than man, will never happen Yah will not allow it… F_#k1ng propaganda, propaganda

  6. For the super super rich they get to see things we never will and they give us a shit feed version of propaganda filled filt!!!! PIECE

  7. My favourite scene was ‘on your left’

  8. the end battle was my fav scene

  9. She should have stayed there !

  10. I love so many moments in this movie, but some standouts are Tony and Morgan moments. And the last battle to the last shot of the movie. I also love the Vormir and New York stuff. I'm glad that the explanation was so simple and not the result of her character being significantly cut from the movie.

  11. My favourite scene from avengers end game was the perfect moment when all of the avengers were lined up running towards thano's army. WOW

  12. Sushi Eata says:

    My favorite moment in Endgame was when Steve Rogers stood alone against Thanos army.

  13. Romi White says:

    My fave moment from the movie is Captain Marvel's entrance during the final battle. The heroes happyness (Cap America and Rocket's reaction) and Thanos worried looking at his falling ships is just perfect. Right there I got all my hope back and knew the Avengers were going to win. Thank you for this opportunity!

  14. My favorite scene in Avengers Endgame Hands Down, was when Cap summoned Mjolnir. I literally said "Holy Shit" & cheered.

  15. FrostWrath says:

    My favorite moment in Endgame was the final battle between the "Avengers & friends" and Thanos' army

  16. Joe Tuman says:

    It’s a deleted scene why should he have to explain it it didn’t actually happen lol

  17. Jacob Gaming says:

    Brie larsons hair is CGI

  18. jerry _0boy says:

    my favorite scene in Avengers: endgame is the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE moment it made me so happy i cried I even cried the second time i saw it

  19. Sharpedoo says:

    Would’ve been cool to see Captain Marvel on Vormir, but yeah it does make sense that it was just a costume fitting.

    My favourite scene/scene(s) from Endgame is probably the whole of the final fight. I love it all, I can’t decide a single bit lol.

  20. Huh didnt know that

  21. My favorite Endgame scene was when Wanda fought Thanos

  22. Mr Check says:

    I guess I’m the only one who loves Captain Marvel??‍♂️

  23. My favorite moment was seeing black widow get emotional over Hawkeye's murderous rampage. It showed how much she really cared for him and her sacrifice made a little sense after

  24. Anhad 21 says:

    My favorite moment in endgame was when cap said avengers assemble

  25. Fancy by Jai says:

    My FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS ( SPOLIERS) : ……when Okoye said she’s got help and Captain Marvel , 2014 Gamora , Valkyrie, Wasp , Scarlet Witch , Rescue, Mantis , Shuri and Nebula all teamed up for A-FORCE

  26. Mateja Savic says:

    Ok but she looks 10 times better and more heroic in that picture than she ended up looking in the film. The long straight hair suits her much better and the costume itself seemed to be less overdone and fit her better and tighter

  27. My favorite scene in Endgame is Thor with Stormbreaker and Mjolnr!??

  28. Title: Why Captain Marvel was on Vormir

    This comment section: My Favorite scene…..

  29. My favourite moment in Avengers Endgame was Captain America Wielding Mjolnir and going beast mode on Thanos followed by Cap getting up to face Thanos and his entire Army because it called back to the moment in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline where Cap stood alone against Thanos saying “As long as one man stands against you, Thanos, you’ll never be able to claim victory.”

  30. Captain Marvel was supposed to have a fight with Thanos on Vormir, and then have a rematch with him at the end. It was cut because the fight was there to pressure Nat and Clint to sacrifice, when they chose to make it a choice instead of a rushed one. Remember when Sam Jackson said she was one of the few who could time travel? It's because she was supposed to be there. I also have a feeling like in that scene, she would've thrown Vormir's moon at Thanos (the writers say one of the best scenes in the movie was cut, maybe it was that?) I want to know the scene they're talking about

  31. skatetool87 says:

    My favorite moment in Endgame is when all the hero’s came threw the portals to face off against Thanos and his army

  32. my favourite part in endgame is scarlet witch fighting with thanos….???

  33. Avengers assemble

  34. My favorite was when captain America said avengers assemble

  35. teto toreto says:

    My favorite part is when this guy says that annoying intro., "Whats up every body"

  36. Favorite Moment
    Cap Lifting Stormbreaker And Then
    THOR:- No No Give Me That You Have The Little One!!

  37. Aaron DX says:

    I'm so dissapointed I feel like this is a personal attack.

  38. All of it, was my favourite.

  39. Apni ma chudane bandh karo bc kitna free marketing karoge

  40. Sean Bassett says:

    I bet if Disney/Marvel could go back in time they would tell the Russo Brothers to write more Captain Marvel into the screenplay. They must really regret her only having a small part in the film considering how much money Captain Marvel made at the Box Office. It's another 'Black Panther' moment, where he was hardly in Infinity War despite his film making over a billion.

  41. My favorite moment in end game was when Cap caught and weilded the crap out of Mjolnir

  42. How can you choose a favorite scene? The entire film is basically fan service & pure awesomeness.

  43. My favourite moment hands down has to be when the Avengers Assemble!

  44. Nadia Johns says:

    My favorite scene in avengers endgame was the AVENGERS ASSEMBLE

  45. I didn't watch the video and I kinda don't want to because these videos SHOULD be like probably a minute and yet most of the time they're ten minutes of talking. For example the video is titled "Captain Marvel will kill Spider-Man in Far From Home" and then the video turns out to be about a theory that Captain Marvel will kill Spider-Man

  46. My favourite moment in Endgame is from the beginning to the end.

  47. Lesson learnt : Never overestimate something.

  48. Avengers assembly from endgame

  49. my favorite scene is i love u 3000

  50. my favorite scene in endgame was when all the hero's return for the final battle

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