28843 JOHN HENRY Trailer (2020)

JOHN HENRY Trailer (2020)

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First trailer for John Henry starring Ludacris and Terry Crews

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22 article reviews JOHN HENRY Trailer (2020)

  1. WarpathBuckness

    Don't be confuse John Henry with John Henry Irons. John Henry is based on an American folklore, while John Henry Irons is based on the DC'S superhero Steel! But John Henry is where DC got there inspiration of Steel.

  2. Isaac Wood

    I think it’s supposed to be based off of the DC comics hero Steele called John Henry like the one from the story plus using a sledgehammer and such was his signature weapon anyone else think so?

  3. Cal McCutchen

    looks pretty good to me , it cracks me up all the people crying about the name John Henry they clearly did not pay attention to the trailer his father says that he named him john henry because he was strong so he is named after the fo;lk hero not eh folk hero himself, and John Henry has been in DC as a character b4 too

  4. Ron B

    I clicked because I thought it's a new terminator movie.
    That thing on his face looked for me like metal under his skin and "John Henry" was the name of the AI in the T888 body in Season 2 of Terminator SCC..

  5. Matthew Ashton

    Yo Wendy Williams! What was that about Terry Crews career? Finished in Hollywood? I think not you loudmouth.

    I can't wait for this one!

  6. kemba esnard

    Black Thor in da hood, hope his the only 1 who pick it up

  7. Justin Sampler

    It's good to see some originality for black stories. Rather than reinventing something already over done as is. This looks really great! I always loved that folk story. He moved a mountain, that always felt like a superhero epic.

  8. Dee Dee

    This trailer told me fuck all on what the movie is about – was it just me?! It honestly looks so shit

  9. Romero Clay

    Tf is this? Goddamnittt they know this ain't gonna make no type of money so why waste it? 🤦‍♂️

  10. Godii God

    Wtf is this Shit! Lol

  11. Kat J

    Once AGAIN, it appears, I'm not certain, that Hollyweird has brother going against brother. They love to have our people going up against, fighting and killing one another rather than working TOGETHER.

  12. J MARTIN

    Looks like shit. Limited theaters then straight to video

  13. Broku

    Terry Crew's is

    Luke Cage

  14. Kirk Oli

    Alright hammer vs guns let’s see how this plays out.

  15. Exssive65

    Is this Terry Crews way of trying to redeem himself in a masculine role after the statement to the world about "toxic masculinity"? I'm not convinced.

  16. byron muromba

    Am I the only one getting 'The Equalizer' vibes from this….

  17. The Bandit

    Why does this look like a movie that’s 13 years too late

  18. eg6gsr

    Seems like that wanted to make steel and no one from DC was interested

  19. George Jackson

    What ???? Like what!

  20. Navin Kumar

    Jhon Henry Vs enemy 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  21. sux2bu2day

    2:13 DJ Quik did music AND executive produced this?! Sweeeet.

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