36635 Jah Prayzah - Mukwasha (Official Music Video)

Jah Prayzah – Mukwasha (Official Music Video)

Mukwasha is a video from the Hokoyo album. This video hilariously depicts the relations between husbands and their inlaws in most African cultures.

Dressed by: JAN JAM

Song was produced by: Dj Tamuka (djtamukamakuluni@gmail.com)
Video shot and edited by: Blaqs Videos (vusabgasa@gmail.com)

For Jah Prayzah bookings, contact: emushey@gmail.com or keen@jahprayzah.com
Cell 0774688456

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34 reviews - Jah Prayzah – Mukwasha (Official Music Video)

  1. Hoooo música boa amei muito garawagoziva kute ndouzviriko Moçambique Maputo i love this Song ❤❤❤??

  2. nice jealous down,this is my favourite

  3. Me I'm a Zimbabwe and I live in South Africa Jah prayzah thank you very much for singing for us thank you for singing in all your songs in our language

  4. Qp7p77p77p7⁸⁰

  5. Not hearing the language doesn't mean I'm not an African#proud of Jah prayza+254????????

  6. Glory says:

    April 2021 still here mukuru makafamba nendima❤️

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  8. Kim says:

    He looks like rudeboy / p-square

  9. Hi I'm looking for this guy want a song with him please anybody to direct me to him please I'm in Namibia

  10. Natural,pure talent keep it up jah

  11. This song should be sold in pharmacy. It cures everything..!

  12. Its the voice for meeee

  13. Tearz Moyo says:

    mkwasha…..who's still enjoying this……munikiss vibe

  14. Shazmin says:

    interesting video…. i loved hangu varikurima pasina kunyorova ha haha apa dress rasheri yacho haa kuchiri kumunda here uku

  15. R.I.P Jackson jekalo??

  16. Congratulations Jah prayzah wapinda 6million .God is good ??

  17. Jah you are the best love you ?

  18. Wow first time listening to this song love it, love the message love everything about it, ??

  19. Great Music from the best

  20. coming from jp's IG account addressing this video has 6m views.. kkk couldn't blve it so I had to confirm… thumbs up jp

  21. Before i never knew that Zimbabwe they have such a good talent man like him. One love ma fellow African alway from east Africa

  22. Celebrating 6million views, Mukombe unogona

  23. I am glad to be part of contributing to 6m views we will continue to support you jp

  24. Best song writer in Zimbabwe thumbs up to JP

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