Jackie Chan talks about his most harrowing film stunts and working with Bruce Lee

The action superstar shares his inspiration for writing his new book, “Never Grow Up.”

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49 reviews - Jackie Chan talks about his most harrowing film stunts and working with Bruce Lee

  1. ##blackdiamondpresscomix.co2k19 Jackie IS da BEST. F/jr jr lmao

  2. "it's so nice to get hit by bruce lee"


  3. My fav martial artists

    1. Bruce lee
    2. Jackie chan
    3. Chuck norris

  4. Jackie Chan should produced his biography film.. about his life from childhood to stardom..

  5. SANTHOSH K says:

    A human beings first responsibility is to shake hand with himself

  6. SHCYB SHCYB says:

    At 0:40 ! It cost money to shake Jackie?

  7. Jackie is the best man ?

  8. TinaxTT says:

    Buddha saved him every time

  9. Hes 64 GODDAMN he looks 40

  10. Jackie Chan is such a bad ass! Easily the best stuntman ever!

  11. Dude you ignored hand shake with Jackie chan.

  12. Dark Shadow says:

    0:41 You are talking to Jackie Chan bitch

  13. Anthony E says:

    white people be like “omg who’s bruce lee”

  14. Sonu Dadhich says:

    I love you Jackie Chan real Hero of life….

  15. giri arasu says:

    I just dont want him to get old…

  16. DJ Mathers says:

    Oh yes… Jackie Chan was one of the greatest fighters of all time and he's an awesome icon period. ?

  17. Zack Pack says:

    Fuck you.. that was not cool

  18. Sladle Rock says:

    marvel :we need a new superhero for the next avenger movie…
    jackie :i always almost die but still alive

  19. Juan Leon says:

    piece of black shit are you, non shake hands

  20. Jon Fung says:

    The fact that the scene in Project A was done twice coz Jackie wasn't satisfied with the first take (looked fake to him) just shows his passion for film making.

  21. He copied that entire famous falling scene from Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last" and more importantly Buster Keating who he credits as his biggest inspiration. And Buster did it in one take rather than taking 7 days. Still respect to JC cos theres very few who can pull that off but just saying

  22. cris Vasquez says:

    at 0:41 jackie chan treid to shake his hand thats sa

  23. Rob Card says:

    40 years.
    finally a good show.
    i read his first book, almost twice.
    charming and damn well spoken.

  24. Though I'm a huge fan of Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise's broken ankle is nothing next to this guy.

  25. Those dislikes are from hands waiting to be shaken.

  26. Jackie chan i love u ??? your my idol. ?

  27. Cons29 says:

    I’ve heard the story numerous times, but i still watch

  28. Mune says:

    00:40 No one leaves my Guys hand hanging!!

  29. Leo Lam says:

    Jackie Chan is a Communist supporter

  30. awwww…Jackie chan???? I miss Jackie chan??????

  31. Bigwill 1337 says:

    Called wake waves bruh.

  32. TheFlyKe says:

    This man is inmortal all those painful injuries and he is still alive. What a legend

  33. jacuzar29 says:


  34. Fun fact: When my dad moved to America, he named his English name into Jackie after Jackie Chan himself!

  35. So funny when jackie Chan put his hand out to him and got rejected two times

  36. xxx Loki says:

    The way he talks. He looks like a 7 yo kid telling a stories to his dad and mom. Lol.

    Ps. Jackie is like a cat. So many lives.
    Pps. Sorry if my english is bad. Hehehez

  37. Ivo Yasenov says:

    Made in China

  38. Joseph Lunge says:

    Who is here from the channel Actually Happened?


  39. lSpyKidl says:

    0:39, Jackie wanting a handshake from the guy. 0:42, Jackie still wanting a handshake from the man. EMBARRASSMENT!!!!!!!!!

  40. blue dragon says:

    64 WHAt He LOOK SO Musch YUNGER

  41. CONUZI I says:

    Hand shakeeeeeee

  42. Who else is here from story both

  43. Todoroki says:

    After being surrounded by Chinese family members and their stories (but they try to say it in English) I have mastered the art of being able to translate broken English. I find the way Chinese people explain things absolutely hilarious ? and I love how they always use facial expressions and act out the motions

  44. Narrow says:

    never in a million year would i ever se jackie warring mom jeans

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