6259 Inner Peace: Music to Fall Asleep, Deep Relaxation, Good Night Music ☯816

Inner Peace: Music to Fall Asleep, Deep Relaxation, Good Night Music ☯816

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Easy Sleep Music, Listening to Sleeping Songs Before Bedtime to Fall Asleep Easier and Faster. #SleepMusic #InnerPeace #FallAsleep

Inner Peace: Music to Fall Asleep, Deep Relaxation, Good Night Music ☯816

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Born from Meditation Relax Club, and from the need of more specific genres of music targeted to a public with the need to relax at night, Sleep Music Relax Zone encompasses the most soothing lullabies ever created. Enter a dreamland composed of calming sounds of nature, comforting melodies and warm, gentle tunes. Our music will be the background you need to help you, and your loved ones, fall asleep. Across the last couple of years, we explored all kinds of tranquil styles of melodies from all around the world. Now, you can explore our catalogue rapidly by going through our playlists of Classical, Isochronic or Natural songs, and choose the one that fits you best!

Ever since we started publishing music in 2013, we create the best content for you: ranging from lullabies for children to healing music for your pet’s stress relief, we’ve got it all! Enter the Zone, and play our soothing melodies before heading to bed.

Some of the content we’re most proud of:

♦ Baby Dreamland Lullabies ♦
We sometimes wish for a tender sleep for our loved ones more than what we would ask for ourselves. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right music for our child we tend to be so selective. In order to satisfy this need for perfection, we propose an assortment of beautiful songs for your babies to sleep better. Soft piano or music box? You choose what they’ll enjoy tonight!

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♦ Soothing Instrumental Songs ♦
We have your usual piano, flute, guitar. But even less conventional instruments, such as the peculiar hang drum or the oriental sitar. Every video carries a story, a song that may have traveled half way across the globe before reaching your ears. And thanks to those tunes, you can relax at night and dream happy dreams.

♦ Celestial Healing Sounds of Nature ♦
Unwind and relax, just as if you were under a fresh summer rain or lost within a lush, green forest. Mother Nature can sometimes sing the most soothing lullabies of all: listen to the sounds of flowing waters, of singing birds, and falling rain as you gently fall asleep.

Discover our full set of relaxing music channels on Youtube:

☮ Meditation Relax Club – Sleep Music & Mindfulness
♪ https://www.youtube.com/meditationrelaxclub

✿ Buddha Tribe – Relaxation Bar Music Vibe
♪ https://www.youtube.com/buddhatribe

? RelaxRiver – Relaxation Flows in You
♪ https://www.youtube.com/relaxriverofficial

? Chillout Lounge Relax – Continuous Ambient Music Mix
♪ https://www.youtube.com/chilloutloungerelax

? Sensual Music Club – Chilling and Seductive Love Music
♪ https://www.youtube.com/sensualmusicclub

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  1. Thanks, very peace n calm to listen this, beautiful lovely music. Sounds of silence, very best for relaxing the mind n heart. Perfection good, best for relaxation n deep sleep with sweet dreams. Awesome calming music video. Infinite love!??

  2. Sehr schönes Video. Mir gefällt der Stil sehr gut.

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