1077 Illegally Downloading Music

Illegally Downloading Music

*sniff* *sniff* I can smell crime with my sniffers

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Napster Documentary ‘Downloaded’ | Part One

Headline News – on the Original Napster & Copyright Laws – early 2000!

Court Orders Napster Shutdown

Downloaded – Official Napster Documentary Trailer [HD] Shawn Fanning

TOP 5 – FMX Superman Seatgrab Backflips

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50 article reviews Illegally Downloading Music

  1. anadrellik

    first time watching your videos and i am already disappointed because you didn’t make a gonor-riaa joke :((

  2. Nobody Really


  3. whatachola

    Who remembers chicken invaders

  4. jack brady



  5. jack brady

    oh man i love that bill clinton song

  6. the new NN

    0:32 i died

  7. Jeffrey Phillip


  8. Jeffrey Phillip

    Lol the opening


    LMAOO jakey jakey and jakey dancing has me laughing

  10. Ze Prussia

    LOOK AT YOUR EMAIL WYRM LIFE LIKES YOU! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqx7Q6axQg0

  11. pewize

    "You wouldn't download a car, would you?"
    I wouldn't, because I can't and car is a physical thing and cannot be downloaded
    Music is not a physical thing
    Stop making stupid comparisons to prove your point

  12. Luiz Carlos

    Does anyone remember what's the name of the music playing at the end of the video (before the advertisement)?

  13. slaking21

    Petition to ask NakeyJakey to make his videos in dark mode

  14. The Dingwall

    Damn this guy is better at teaching History than may prof 🔥

  15. Daniel Lopez

    Don't copy that floppy….

  16. Kat Ito

    I would totally illegal download a car if I could.

  17. Nathan Weaver

    well fire shareing is makeing a huge come bak throu blocchan

  18. Kentucky Fried Children

    Smart marketing at the end lmao

  19. Trogolizer

    What's the song that starts around 9:00 minute mark?

    NakeyJakey, you should stick all the songs you use in the description

  20. Error5577

    What's the song before right before the attorneys at law ad?

  21. voltsy

    this is nostalgic to see. I remember giving the family computer aids trying to get some music

  22. ma tt

    This gonna sound stupid … But jakey reminded me that life's worth living…so thank you dude.

  23. Austin Becht

    Nice CKY reference lol

  24. Dr Strangelove

    Is "If movies were games" dead dead? All your vids are great, just curious

  25. Covale Violet

    Do you use Deezloader Remix bro?

  26. The DemonLugia

    Are we ever getting dead friends?

  27. Joonie

    I remember downloading a song but I got young, wild, and free instead sksk

  28. Guilherme Silva

    some1 knows that synth name?

  29. Super J-star

    2:36 "Industy"

  30. Trent Hudgens

    here b4 2mil

  31. Youtube Is Awesome

    Jdownloader2 + FFMPEG = Internet is MY BITCH.

  32. The D3RP Clan

    this guy is really annoying but the video had interesting content

  33. Boi

    Mp3 juice still exist

  34. FilaStyle84

    RIAA is Sephiroth, confirmed

  35. Victor Valentine

    I'm not from the Limewire era but I heard too many stories like the ones in the video of viruses and mislabeled files being downloaded lol. Only used TBP a few times and youtube to mp3 services.

  36. Evan Martin

    just found out about your vids and MY DUDE. you are my fucking spirit animal.

  37. David Nakamura

    Audiogalaxy was the besttttt

  38. King Kuck

    I wish I could have a personal neural network of bots that would make me NakeyJakey content.

  39. Michael J

    I've watched this video like 4 times wtf

  40. Jaxnrds

    What's the song at 8:45?

  41. omgwtfaulks

    Goddammit you kill me with these shits dude. That yugioh video game music. I'm dead.

  42. Tommy Parsons

    I don’t care what anyone says. Jakey. You look fucking Godly with a beard.

  43. Razi Films

    hilarious. subscribed 🙂

  44. Rich Evans gave me AIDS

    why the hell do i feel like you are a friend of mine?

  45. otis bob

    Lol I downloaded that Travis barker song off limewire…….

  46. Mizuki


  47. Rocco Moon

    ur brilliance knows no bounds

  48. planeta

    man you're looking hot af

  49. Ronan

    For a channel largely about nostalgia, I know that this is a channel I'm gonna be nostalgic about.

  50. 2 4

    yeah let me just pay for the spyware and RCE vulnerabilities that come with spotify or tidal

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