10420 How to Talk About Movies and Films in English - Spoken English Lesson

How to Talk About Movies and Films in English – Spoken English Lesson

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In this lesson, you can see how to talk about movies in English.
What was the last film you saw? What kind of film was it? Did you like it or not? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about movies and films and give your opinion about different films that you’ve watched. Don’t forget to share a comment about a movie you’ve watched!

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1. Talking About Types of Film 0:47
2. How to Introduce a Film 4:52
3. Talking About a Film You Like 8:12
4. Talking About a Film You Dislike 12:17
5. Making a Longer Answer 15:11

This lesson can help you:
– Understand how to describe different types of movies and learn vocabulary for movie genres.
– See useful ways to talk about a film and introduce the movie to others.
– Get helpful vocabulary and phrases to talk about movies and films you like.
– See how to talk about movies and films in English which you don’t like.
– Put the language together and make a longer answer to talk about movies and films in English.

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43 article reviews How to Talk About Movies and Films in English – Spoken English Lesson

  1. Oxford Online English

    Share a translation in your own language to help others learn how to talk about movies! http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=4uerFSSBhko&ref=share

  2. E S

    I love to watch real life stories movie like.. Apocalypto and gladiator……nice lesson

  3. Fath Elrahman

    I would like to talk about historical film it's a believable and original film I really love it because I learned new culture from it the actors was Steven Fletcher and others the story of it was how the people surviving from the a dangerous animals attached them and killing most of them Finley there discovered a good way to killed all the dangers animals
    and surviving

  4. Rathava Hari

    My favourite film is SHOLAY.
    It was directed by ramesh sippy.
    amitab bachchan,dharm paji & hema malini were in it as actor.
    it film was based on indian modern history, when robber rob the villages.
    This film is like comedy& drama.

  5. bhanu sri

    I'm going to talk about my favorite film from the last few years which was Bahubali. It's a historical film and the cast and crew were amazing. Director Mr.Rajamouli took almost 5 years to complete this movie and both the lead actors were quite incredible. Their acting skills in this movie were outstanding. I watched a plethora of movies but it is the best one. It's a historical movie but it is having all emotions like love, happiness, sadness, helping nature and so on.

  6. Crown Adewumi

    Hi, which is appropriate or most appropriate;
    I saw the advertisement/news last night or i watched the advertisement/news last night?

  7. lingping zhang

    I am going to tell you the film upside down. It is realistic and touching. I do not know the names of the two leader actors but their performances are really amazing and believable. It’s set in the contemporary. The reason I like it is because the plot is so touching and unpredictable and more importantly, the ending is happy. I would like to say it is one of the best films I have ever seen.

  8. Natalia Rodriguez


  9. Safar Ibadov



    I never like fantasy and horror film but I really like films which show real life stories, incidents. But mine film should be with little action scenes.

  11. English with sara

    I have never seen such a informative channel, thanks ever so much ❤❤
    Lots of love from Kurdistan

  12. Patel Vasu

    One of my favourite movie of all time is none other than titanic. Surprisingly I saw it for the first time in last year but I have watched 8 times till then. I found it is very touching as well as historic film.

  13. Steven Alejandro Medina Velasquez

    I like the movies of drama, thriller, comedy, action and cartoon.The last movie I saw is a family. It's a comedy, I really liked the movie, because Adam Sandler appears and he is very funny and silly.

  14. jorge andres castellanos perez

    The Last movie I saw was detective pikachu, I saw her a week ago, it was sci-fi movie, since it has futuristic technology. It's a hilarious movie full of references to video games.

  15. Dary Tinoco

    The Last movie i saw was war room the film is a dramátic genr written and directed by the kendrick brothers. I like it because the movie is an example that prayer has power when we have faith in god.

  16. Mónica Alvis

    The last film I saw was GREEN BOOK it was Drama and comedy film, I like because the film was based on the life of a Black man, he was discriminated for his skin color but he was an excellent pianist. The film was Released in september 2018 and this film won a Oscar award as film of the Year.

  17. juan camilo salamanca

    The video is very interesting because speak of type of movie and are: violent, horror, drama, historical films. I like film of maze and runner because it film present the planet earth when the persons have died for a disease and there are some guys that they are immune to the virus but in their body’s is the cure for the persons. It is very crazy and impressive, the film is out standing that i have seen.

  18. Jeferson Ricardo Capador

    The Last movíe that I saw was two months ago, it was the móvies of the Advengers Endgame, I think it is the Best collection of the history of the marvel series, it has the Best special effects, in addition the Best actors and present the end of an era of superhero

  19. jenifer rodriguez

    What was the last film you saw?
    The last film that saw was Newness in netflix. That movie was really amazing for me, because that history was really sad, its characters lived so dramatic moments.

    What kind of film was it?
    That movie kind was romantic drama, one history between Martin and Gaby really confused

    Did you like it or not?
    Yes, i like that movie and his characters, especialy Martin, i love him, is very handsome and romantic men.


    This weekend I watched the movie "Todo por mi hija" on TV. It's a Turkish drama movie. You see family violence with a girl. She is the protagonist. I like it because it is a good reflection of today's life.

  21. jesus cavanzo

    the last movie that I saw was avengers this movie I think it's very nice you could change some parts of this but it does not lose its meaning I think the world you create in this movie would be a good world to make it come true I like it and I think it could be good for us my favorite character is thor is a god but he is the best of the characters I think he is one of those who has the best power and I think his performance in this film is great this kind of fiction gender movies are the ones I like the most

  22. Walter Segura

    Ok, I really like the Batman trilogy, movies that remind me of the deviations of human beings and their different reactions to danger.
    It's an action film.

  23. Ivan Rojas

    The last movie that i sow was the spiderman it is very creative and has a lot special effects.
    The sound mixer was excellent

    The write had a lot of imagination

    Costume designer i thougtht it was great because there was always action a lot of music.

  24. Daniel Diago

    Dorian Yamile Moreno
    The last film I saw was The Postman, I like the movie because it's tauching, charming and romantic.

  25. Julian Parra

    The last movie that I saw is Bohemia Rhapsody. Which is one of my favorite film. It's kind of a biopic and musical film, this movie is about the Freddy mercury life. I really liked this movie!!

  26. felipe franco

    Hello, The films I like the most are those based on real life, the last movie I saw was Advengers End Game, two weeks ago, it's an action and sci-fi movie from the Marvel universe, I really liked it, I recommend it!

  27. Oscar Felipe Osorio Salamanca

    In the cinema, the last movie i saw was Advengers end game, wich is a fantasy and science fiction movie. I like this movie because it took a long time but it was always interesting

  28. Jose Piraquive

    The last movie I saw in the movies was three weeks ago and it was Avengers Endgame and it is about sci- fi, I liked the movie because it is about superheros.

  29. Estefania Gonzalez

    The last film I saw was Avengers Endgame, this is a type of movie of sci-fi, but it has a little of comedy and Action. I like it so much, it's impressive!
    The central characters are Ironman, Captain América, Hulk, Thor, Black widow and many others. This movie has been the biggest hit around the world!

  30. Julian Ortiz

    The last movie I saw was avengers end game, this movie is action and sci-fi, I liked it a lot because it has great actors, the story is wonderful and it is the end of a decade of marvel movies.

  31. Arley Rodriguez

    The last movie I saw was Avengers end game, this type of film is action and science fiction, I liked it a lot because I think that the Marvel universe is very well argued and designed.

  32. alexandra avila

    the last movie i saw was "gone girl" is a history of disappearance with an unexpected ending, in the movie 3 generes appear: drama, terror and mystery. the movie i like so much. i would to recommend it.

  33. Daniel Diago

    The Last film I saw is Avengers end game, Is a Sci-Fi film about heroes safe the universe. I like this film but the final is controversial.
    The next film is spiderman and I am anxious because is the sequel about the marvel universe.

  34. david mauricio lozano alonso

    the last movie I saw was john wick 3 on Sunday, it's a movie with a lot of action and car chase, its main actor is keanu reeves and I liked it a lot.
    The kind of movies that I like are about history because they talk about something dramatically or in any way that makes it unpredictable to understand

  35. juliana marin henao

    Last night I saw invaluable … it was a movie that caught my attention although a bit religious for my taste … anyway, I liked it and would recommend it!!! Other hand, it’s a charming movie and very well made, the actor of the starring role it’s very well and he is a handsome boy 😅

  36. Sebastian Vargas

    The last movie I saw was Avengers End Game, this movie is action and science fiction, I liked this movie a lot because it is the end of the fourth stage of the Marvel universe.

  37. anllykar

    I saw bohemian Rhapsody the last year (I don't often go to movies) and it was biopic and musical movie, I loved this movie because I like the Queen music and the life of Freddy Mercury

  38. Roman

    Recently I watched the film "Avenger:Endgame". It's an action sci-fi film, and it based on comics "Avengers: Infinity war".
    It was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, and many celebrities starred in it like: Robert Downey Jr. , Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and others. I like this film because special effects and atmosphere are increadible.

  39. Relaxation with Jane

    It is so useful for my monologe in this week

  40. Ali Mohamed Hirei

    I like Oxford online English

  41. sepideh majd

    I'd like to talk about a movie I've seen recently named "shoplifters". It was a great film and directed by a Japanese director. It was a thought-provoking and touching drama which has a really interesting and original story.the acting also was very good and believable.the movie got good reviews and won several awards such as Canne film festival and nominated for golden globe too.

  42. Om Kashyap

    hello, i am from India
    The day before yesterday i watched a movie titled "3 idiots " which is the adaptation of marvelous novel written by chetan bhagat and adorably directed by raju hirani . It is super enjoyable in all fields whether it is plot , comedy , dialogue delivery and music . I must say it is thought provoking , that tells us not to wander for marks in exam but to have the real test of knowledge . It achieved massive audience reviews and worthy comments , as well as able to elicit handsome amount of 600 crore in India and 400 crore overseas approx. It revolves around the life of 3 engineering students who are under huge pressure of their parents , professors and peers which leads them to some ponderous life stages , but they bounce back and how they bounce back is the true story . I must advice all to watch this movie , it is for all age group and its my words that it proves to be remunerative for all . Thanku

    OOE please check this , give your valuable suggestions so that i can adorn my English to next.

  43. Javier Estupiñan

    You're doing a really well work with these videos. It's amazing found lessons like this in your channel. Cheers for you.

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