2665 How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars

How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars

Marvel is now in the business of losing money. Thanks, Brie….

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37 reviews - How Brie Larson Cost Marvel One Hundred Million Dollars

  1. dewqiuytsf says:

    Brie Larson needs to leave Marvel and we all should start a petition

  2. The magicians is a alright TV show

  3. Its okay, a guy will identify as a female and be taken by the Krie, and beat Captain Marvel in everything.

  4. S S says:

    I don't get it? Captain Marvel made a ton of money as did End Game. Where did they lose money?

  5. Foxi! says:

    so… how exactly does it feel, when that shitbarn of a movie got well over 100 million?

  6. Guys let’s kick out Brie Larson!! Stan Lee is already crying in heaven

  7. Weird question, but where did you get all of those character PNGs at the start of the video?

  8. This video seems really stupid now. That movie grossed over a billion. And we don't watch the movie's because we don't like the politics of the actors. If that were the case I would have hardly watched a movie for years. Most are crusading idiots

  9. Are you 12 or what? Grow up son. ?

  10. this is for the narrator

  11. I saw tweets and an article in a yt comment that proved that they bought tickets some 200per theatre of reserved seats that no one showed up to see and ppl said there were lots of empty seats opening weekend ! They knee it was a fail they had to make the numbers lie! And that's sad cuz even with the stat padding it performed shitty! And that just proves more that ppl do NOT want to see this shit but WHY is Hollywood so determined to ruin everything we love?! at great cost to themselves cuz after end game sucking then GOTs now n I don't even watch that turns out there was never any reason to do so with the way its gone shit! Like evry thing else star wars n everything! But WHY? They know it won't sell yet do it any way WTF are they really THAT insane?! Or dumb? Or is there something more going on here then meets the eye? Like "ruin the establishment of the everything white males have ever made or enjoyed" like a modern day book burning ffs wtaf is going on cuz 1x or 2x is a coincidence 3x + that's a conspiracy! Wtf is really going on here? I see a pattern predictable as day but WHY does it NOT seem to be trying too make $but spend it to waste! wtf

  12. I'm amazed at how you know what people want. All the self made you tube "critics" think that their opinions are the only 1's that matter. I'm a 40+ year old white guy that wasn't bothered at all by what Brie Larson said. If a man had said basically the same thing, all the insecure men out there would be saying "You see how he doesn't take any s*** from anyone, he's his own man", but let a woman say it and all hell breaks loose. Captain Marvel was a damn good movie and Ms Larson was just fine in it. F****' live with it.

  13. hunter559 says:

    At this point could we stop betting against Marvel? You just look like a jack ass when the movie is awesome and makes 100s of millions of dollars in profit.

  14. Hmm, this didnt age well

  15. dc needs to cut bait and run from brie larson …. if they want to continue captain marvel.. recast with somebody who is not anti white males…. or full of just herself and hate

  16. captain marvel was originally a male. . since they have remade the female over 5 times in 7 years.. maybe make the character male again … i liked the comic back then ..

  17. Figgy5119 says:

    I don't think Marvel is perfect, but I wouldn't be surprised if given Captain Marvel's reception they try to take the character in a different direction

  18. Figgy5119 says:

    Where I live there is a campaign with Coke bottles with the End Game characters on them. It's been going on for a month, so now when I went to the store yesterday, the only ones left that no one wanted to buy were the Captain Marvel ones

  19. Bullshit. This movie was great and Brie did what she could with the script and being shown with End Game coming up.

  20. It just seems as though she's insufferable b/c she's aware of the direction that Hollywood is going and she's intent on shoving it down everyone's throat regardless of their acceptance level. Even as CPT Marvel in the movie, Brie seems kinda self-centered. Flying around the fucking universe doing god-knows-what while MAJOR significant events are going on right there on Earth.

  21. Erm In its three-and-a-half weeks or so in theaters, Captain Marvel has hauled in $358 million domestically and $645 million internationally to bring its worldwide total a little over the $1 billion mark. So…….this video is a little bit wrong…

  22. I am just going to say it. Female Marvel characters need to show more skin. Ms. Marvel could have worked with her original swimsuit costume. I could write a Firestar movie better than this.

  23. Arlo Pear says:

    This video aged well didn't it???????

  24. Special effects were good. Writing sucked beyond words and the thought shaping was so obvious it made me want to puke. Captain Marvel was weird as in what was she doing in this?

  25. They should've done a Black Widow movie, like a long time ago!

  26. I give this review an "A" for creativity and Humor.

  27. Yeah, after dumb dumb said that stuff about white people. I said I'd never watch Captain Marvel, also apparently everyone in Marvel hates Bri Larson.

  28. Brief barfson cant be a strong female lead, when shes already a strong Male lead. Swear, saw. Her peeing standing up. There's a reason why brie thanos wants to snap half of the white males into oblivion…. so it rids him of his main competition, other white males. #hulksmash.

  29. You really are a woldclass bullshitter LMAO

  30. Jon Hyde says:

    And how to russos made marvel several billion dollars over 4 movies

  31. went to go see captain marvel and wish i could get my time and money back it was my wife brother in law myself and 7 other people in the theater its was such a sh!t show if brie larson would have kept her mouth shut there may have been more people going to see it i dont understand how she thinks there will ever be a captain marvel 2 maybe if they replace her with a different actress and get new writers but i doubt they will so even if there is a second movie i will never go see it

  32. Well, I’m not watching anymore of the shit they keep trying to shovel down our throats. We all thought going to the movies was a way to escape the BS…now, we get it here too! I stopped watching most movies and regular tv, I won’t miss this dumb ass either.

  33. Wolfy77 says:

    I LOVED Captain Marvel !!!

  34. Captain Marvel has now made over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales… Maybe stop complaining about children's movies and grow the fuck up?..

  35. Im sure marvel gives a fuck about $100 mil…they spend that on the pointless press tours to talk about movies they can't talk about……

  36. Brie Larson does not piss me off at all in the slightest. We all say things that we should have phrased a little differently but her as a person I like her. I like her sarcasm I like how she is related to me by being introverted and just kind of weird and awkward and misunderstood. I think Disney ruins everything it touches. I think Hollywood has their own agenda and it is very toxic. I think the Hollywood should just stick to entertainment and leave politics out of everything. But I also think that females do need better representation in all parts of life. This is just me speaking from my own personal experience. I think women are degraded constantly in life based on their looks and appearance. Female representation has come a long way but it still isn't where it should be.

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