121 Horror Short Film "The Guest" | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film "The Guest" | Presented by ALTER

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“The Guest” by Jovanka Vuckovic

In this existential thriller, a man must face his personal demons as a consequence of a mysterious bargain he has made.

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36 reviews - Horror Short Film "The Guest" | Presented by ALTER

  1. ALTER says:

    "Who are you?"
    "Depends on who's asking."

    What do you think the Guest is? A demon? A parasite? Something else?

  2. What is this is it sad? Drama? Horror?

  3. QUIET GIRL says:

    I cringed when the blood hit his white shirt, so crisp and clean, now that's the real nightmare

  4. I think the guest is the devil it is something that is different in everyone’s eyes

  5. Lola M says:

    Please subtitules en spanish

  6. every video on this channel is a masterpiece, I love it?

  7. What was that??

  8. The most beautiful death had I ever seen

  9. This is the reason why Roblox remove guests

  10. I don't like this, I literally had to watch my Papa pull his eyes out of his head. I guess that just reminded me of that bad time

  11. 2:57 tf is wrong with his eyes?

  12. _ kiiteng says:

    why do i feel like he’s the grim reaper

  13. MrCrisp says:

    My take, the devil/addiction (or both) trying to make him give the last of what is good about his life (freely) before ending his life. His bargaining and bloody vomit make me err more on the side of the devil. What people will sacrifice for a little more of the good thing they have!

  14. Really love it makes u think??…

  15. Cosmos Cat says:

    Holy cow
    Holy cow, scary stuff here.

  16. SheV says:

    3:04 your squip… BMC intersfiles

  17. Agera says:

    That piano bit is amazing

  18. 2:56 So blood makes perfect lipstick… Good to know..

  19. Gigi says:

    This was really good!

    I think that The Guest is depression itself. You tend to hold onto a lot of bad memories and the good memories are clouded by the guest. The guest told him that he "hurt his girls" could mean either his depression is hurting them or his suicide hurt them or could be both. As for the line "depends on who's asking" when asking who the guest is, it's basically society trying to debunk depression. A lot of people don't see that it's an issue until suicide happens. The guest is depression, but depending on who's asking, it could be "attention seeking" or "not real" (like the man says in the beginning).

  20. catman 15 says:

    2:46 u can see a tube on the left side of his neck where the "blood" is coming out

  21. Yeesss blood so creepy

  22. A film by "Jovanka Vučković", ayeee, finally someone from Balkan UwU❤❤

  23. Waste of 3 minutes

  24. Is this a euphemism for alcoholism/ any other potential substance/mental abuse that could potentially ruin you and your family

  25. I didn't get it

  26. MicroChan says:

    Personally, I think he made a deal with the devil to make sure he didn't die from something (maybe internal bleeding or an accident) so he had to sacrifice a bunch of people in order to stay alive. Since he doesn't wanna sacrifice his wife(?) and daughter, he dies.

  27. kevinkib says:

    This is quite a disappointing short film I’ve ever watched Alter. I love how sweet the community here is, always giving positive and lovely comments though.

  28. Mrs Gamer says:

    master mirror from the witcher 3 😉

  29. TH Gaming says:

    I think the guest is the director XD

  30. Fairy Girl says:

    How do you guys keep churning out such amazing original content?

  31. Natasha says:

    Wea mala jsjjs

  32. Natasha says:


  33. Maddie Jun says:

    I love Alter because they create the horror through sudden and chilling realizations you have throughout the film rather than just jump scares and scary looking monsters

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