8248 Horror Short Film "Rites of Vengeance" | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film "Rites of Vengeance" | Presented by ALTER

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“Rites of Vengeance” by Izzy Lee

A trio of nuns take matters into their own hands when a priest commits a terrible sin.

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30 reviews - Horror Short Film "Rites of Vengeance" | Presented by ALTER

  1. This would have been specially good if they had tried direct sound rather than background music.

  2. This channel is substitute for Over Quality

  3. I would have liked it to run a little longer, too short….what a sacrilege, thank you…!!!

  4. the Sisters of the Punishing Hand

  5. sefina aaa says:

    I subscribe this channel as soon as i watched it

  6. ??? says:

    Poor man?

  7. Teez Well says:

    If only real nuns would do this, the church would change…for the better ✝️

  8. Brutalmente buena, un simbolismo excelente.

  9. Eliza beth says:

    I think they were mothers dressed as nuns and he hurt their kids.

  10. This one, moved me lmao

  11. Lil' Dee says:

    The Nuns are psychopath

  12. I need to be honest I would do the same to all the people that hurt children ! Why because they are not humans anymore they hurt they kill sp they dont feel a fuck … society would be better if we kill them all instead of having them in prison

  13. The pictures they threw down were of a kitten. Can someone explain this?

  14. geddon81 says:

    As a person who was raised a Catholic, whos family is majority Catholic, and really dont believe the Catholic faith is the problem at all…..I would LOVE nothing more than to see a full feature big screen film about this just to scare the living shit out of priests, or anyone with any kind of high standing, that preys on their flock in these ways. Love it, make more shorts on this please!!!!

  15. Whiteelk says:

    It is just as evil to let evil stand.

  16. n3m1g3n says:

    They should have used nun-chucks…

  17. Wednesday says:

    Badass nuns and long awaited justice? bitch, sign me up

  18. The catholic church cleaning it's own act? That's not horror, it's fantasy. Wrong genre, pal!

  19. Zebast 182 says:

    Quien a creado este hermoso canal

  20. psims8744 says:

    Horror…absolutely not!!!!!!!!! Sad but true

  21. WOW that wasn't horror that was AMAZING!

  22. Oh…he had this coming!! Get him girls ♡

  23. ? The stained glass windows were BEAUTIFUL!!! More power to those who defend children!!!??????‍♀️??????

  24. excellent concept, ans symbolism. loved the Dario Argento feel before hand…

  25. three flashes…five pictures

  26. Would love to see every single one of those pervs get whats coming to them. If u ask me, he got off way too easy! But like the example anyways ???

  27. yellow6153 says:

    any cock biting in these movies?

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