13946 Horror Short Film "Jameson" | Presented by ALTER

Horror Short Film "Jameson" | Presented by ALTER

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“Jameson” by John Humber

A man’s peaceful life is disrupted when three dangerous travelers lay siege to his secluded cabin in the woods.

For more about the film/filmmaker:
Instagram: @humberjohn
Twitter: @johnhumber

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40 reviews - Horror Short Film "Jameson" | Presented by ALTER

  1. Yes if you are cooking in the forest the wrong ones aren‘t far…

  2. sandhya B says:

    This seems like a full movie, edited.. Where can I find the whole film?

  3. Gugu N says:

    Awesome. Keep up the great work. ?

  4. Man, I am really enjoying these new Alter videos ?????. This was awesome. I cannot wait for the next one. Thank you. Cheers ??

  5. L. Q. says:

    Finally- A good short horror. So much cr*p usually.

  6. Okay so the guy shuts the door and the bald fella decides slamming on a outward opening door will open it? You’re just making it closed even more..

  7. We all seem to like a story about justice delivered and we all wish, that we we were invulnerable to pain . . .childish longings, but we still have them.

  8. That was better than anything I've paid to see in the theaters! Phenomenal production! Keep it up and no ones going to need cable!

  9. She has to eat ?

  10. that is a great father

  11. Was that zombie girl his daughter?

  12. Wow.. Such a great house with all the technology and all… great food too…

  13. What happened to the daughter to make her like that?

  14. R. Weird says:

    Damn shame for sexy Shelby, but that's what you get for living the arsehole life.
    I loved this. It was realistic (in the social dynamics), deeply morally satisfying, and it left me wanting to know all the backstory – but not in a frustrating way, just in a tantalising one.
    10/10, A+++, would (and honestly probably will ) watch again. ? ? ?

  15. at 9:10 I started to get interested.

  16. Wow! Great short! I can't wait to see a full-length movie!

  17. All Alter's actors are very great and wow the movie is Wowww

  18. I really really enjoy.?

  19. Altering the web films! Nice vid again!

  20. Ward Style says:

    First clue should have been getting called out for lying about being alone. Then the metal shutters. Dumbass.

  21. Loved it. Wouldn't mind having a set-up like that minus that particular daughter.

  22. I'm guessing the rest of the world is probably having the same creatures at night since one of them mentioned "only an hour left till night" and seems to really want to get somewhere safe before then.
    TBH a lone person in the woods vs 3 guys is quite good odds in a desperate situation but dude. Just fuckin give up after the steel(?) barricades came down. Like if cabin guy has that there's no chance taking over that place.

  23. That was really good

  24. gbordo01 says:

    awesome. there should be a feature length version.

  25. Good movie…rupax hidup mngasingkn diri ditengh hutan demi ankx…

  26. VFX Todd says:

    Thanks for another one to add to my "Great Short Films" playlist.

  27. Love watching you short films

  28. wow, this was really good! I'd love a full length movie

  29. W says:

    Is she a wendigo?

  30. No gun slits? Kinda dumb shit is this?

  31. this should be a long full movie. i like it a lot

  32. CosmicMuna says:

    If this channel is like crypt tv I'm gonna be super happy. Love horror shorts.

  33. What an awesome concept for a movie short!!! Wish it was longer! You never let us down ALTER!!!

  34. “I didn’t wanna do this but she gotta eat
    My daughter.
    (Daughter of Satan pops and starts eating the guy)
    While I sit here enjoy every bit Alter??

  35. Femma Nagh says:

    Thank you My Sweet Alter.

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