17939 Heliotrope Music - Thoughtful Prayer (Extended Version)

Heliotrope Music – Thoughtful Prayer (Extended Version)

A Dark, Dramatic and Hopelessness song from Heliotrope Music
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Composed by Erick DeVore
Album: Ascension
Published by Twelve Titans Music

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Stunning Dark feelings fill this Dramatic and Intense song. The Intense emotions of Loss and Pain, brings a Hopelessness and Defeat sensation which makes this music so Incredible and one of my favorites with its Powerful choral climax.

Don’t go too deep in the Darkness, you may wanna stay there!
Thank You for listening!

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8 reviews - Heliotrope Music – Thoughtful Prayer (Extended Version)

  1. Tarik Asiz says:

    Oasis from noisy tracks ?

  2. ?? ❤ GOSTEI ❤
    Obrigada por compartilhar. ????? ( dez )

  3. I like your uploading schedule!!

  4. Wow! Intense yes for sure but dark? Never for me. Dark side is not my path. I chose to fly and i love your videos for that. Exactly what i was needed today. So thanks a lot for my magical and powerful flight. I'm energized ! ??

  5. С начала молитва, а потом крик души.

  6. In our understanding, prayer is a little like. The track is very beautiful. Thank you.?

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