18997 GUEST OF HONOR - (Short Film)

GUEST OF HONOR – (Short Film)

A devout Nazi oversees a group of taste testers for Hitler.

IMDB Credits – https://imdb.to/311XAVB

Behind the Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF24xhL5obs

Full 23 Minute BTS: https://vimeo.com/347350333

written and directed by – Justin Robinson
executive producer – Ryan Connolly
produced by Justin Robinson, Kyle Prohaska, Matt Wyns
cinematographer – Brent Christy

Aputure: http://bit.ly/2Z2sSyh
Deity Mics: http://bit.ly/2N5eEGf
Lens Pro To Go: http://bit.ly/1ArbWiZ

Anna – Stefanie Butler
Fritz – Silvio Wolf Busch
Petra – Rachel Hendrix
Heidi – Allee-Sutton Hethcoat
Joseph – Isaiah Stratton
Wilhelm – Joe Coffey
Ingrid – Katie Capelli
Herbert – William Boyer
Older Anna – Frieda Schwartz

gaffer – Andy Lohrenz
best boy electric – Jonathan Terpstra
camera operators – Brent Christy & Justin Robinson
steadicam operator – Dave Svenson
first assistant camera – Andrew Bradford
second assistant camera – Levi Mlinar
DIT – Brian French
sound mixer – Thomas Propst
makeup department head – Ashleigh Chavis
prop master – Hannah Riley
production and costume design – Justin Robinson
location manager – Matt Wyns
still photographer – Josh Stringer
still photographer (additional) – Aaron Conner
EPK Producer – Josh Connolly
BTS – Elizabeth Coggins
BTS – Dylan Hahn
drone operator – Michael Crissinger
production assistant – Gunner Willis
production assistant – Andrew Snow
catering and craft service – Maria Robinson & Kimmy Bradford
hitler painting – Kostas Kostas
special thanks – Aputure, Lensprotogo, Deity Microphones, The River Place
shot on location – Concord, NC & Fort Mill, SC @ https://theriverplace.org

edited by – Justin Robinson
music by – Kyle McCuiston
colorist – John Carrington
sound designer – Daniel Da Silva
dialogue editor/re-recording mixer – Christian Sawyer
visual effects – Ryan Thompson


camera – Alexa Mini
lenses – Tokina Vista primes & Angenieux 45-135mm T3
audio – Zaxcom max recorder & Deity S-Mic 2 shotgun microphone
edited in premiere pro
graded in davinci resolve

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48 reviews - GUEST OF HONOR – (Short Film)

  1. brilliant. loved it

  2. Never knew about Hitler's taste testers – thanks for enlightening me and creating such a strong piece of work.

  3. Powerful!!!! Thanks you for sharing this.

  4. That cut from the woman pointing the gun to the raspberry cheesecake was really good

  5. so well paced, didnt feel like 10 minutes at all. loved the creative use of wides and atmospheric score. Great work!!

  6. G G says:

    Incredible work. The blocking in the first scene got me hooked right away. The leading actor spoke perfect german (which is a rare accurance even in high-budget productions) and the writing was touching and at the same time made me deeply uncomfortable. Truly remarkable – definitely gets my german seal of approval 😀
    However, I would have loved to have seen an upload on Vimeo since youtube just butchers the bitrate and creates these nasty artifacts even on the highest quality, but shame on youtube.

  7. What happens if the poison started to work after a few days ?

  8. Ben Moran says:

    This was utterly riveting. Congratulations to Justin and the cast and crew for such a compelling ten minutes of fantastic filmmaking. I can't wait to watch it again.

  9. Brilliantly shot

  10. Masterpiece! One of the best thing on youtube! Justin and Ryan…wow…just wow

  11. Audiotap says:

    that's gonna be a fat hell yeah from me brother

  12. Absolutely beautiful.

  13. The color grading is absolutely phenomenal in this! Normally skin tones stick out to much or don’t stick out enough when grading to this noir look. But this looks fantastic! I don’t know what luts or grading program you all used but this looks just fantastic!

  14. Spark says:

    Briliant! You should make more shorts like this

  15. Oh Your God! That was AMAZING guys! Visually stunning! Great work everyone and Great work Justin!

  16. Raakemovie says:

    I love modern made historical films! This was amazing!?

  17. Wow. This is a masterpiece. One of the best short film I have ever seen.

  18. In this day and age bold move to go with any kind of Nazi theme or imagery and I applaud it. Nice work.

  19. this is the best short the film riot crew has made

  20. wow. That was amazing. Powerful, tense, sad, horrific……truly amazing. I'd pay at the cinema to watch this.

  21. LOMI FILMS says:

    Just wooow! what an Image. You guys wake me up when i'm sleeping like a dog. Time to shoot a short, I'm Uppppppp. Brilliant! T

  22. The cinematography reminds me of Hitchcock! So good!

  23. Wow this was amazing

  24. The story overall was amazing. But the last shot revealing the actual woman who went through that, had my jaw on the floor. Adding her in the end made the realism and credibility. Also her NOT saying "this is what we went through" or "And that was it" made everything much more real. She just sat and looked at the plate in front of her. Perfect.

  25. i meet justin in charlotte NC, he is an amazing person, and i loved the film, good job guys

  26. Kermit says:

    Please tell me i need w desperate response anyone,

    How do you when you film any film get the 'cinematic' look for it? Say for example when you film something on a phone and compare it with a real movie, the movie 'look' looks more professional. Do you know what I mean? Please tell me, is it like a filter or something, thanks and great film

  27. Jadon Cal says:

    You guys hiring interns?

  28. So is the message of this film that she decided not to remain a decent person therefore she isn't strong, based on the saying the Nazi quoted?

  29. That was Excellent !!!!

  30. that hard to watch knowing that people went though this in the past.

  31. Wow, then the end colour scenes to punch it home. Wow well done to you all, and the actors stellar performance.

  32. idk says:

    This was pretty good but having just watched inglorious basterds I think it would’ve benefited from starting with the opening title and just letting the scene breathe without jumping to different places and using so much music. Also the sound design felt a little dull in the “explosive scenes” like when he knocks over the plate and the gun shots. Even if it’s unrealistic I think more exaggerated sounds would’ve helped. I was also a little confused by the story, the conversation didn’t really seem real or related, more like a performance. And lastly I think a more authentic film look and a cut from the old plate to the new one with just a facial expression we don’t really have to be spoon fed, literally, the fact that this is the same woman. That’s just my thoughts. This was much better than 90% of short films on YouTube

  33. Tarantino meets Stephen King.
    ..Inglorious Mile..

  34. Hollywood needs you. I would love to be a stuntman or an extra in one of your films

  35. Benni says:

    Wer spricht auch deutsch??

  36. John Karas says:

    1 room, 6-7 actors and I'm guessing 12 page script? Everyone on here could have made this and didn't, you guys rock! Great short!

  37. Max Soto says:

    Hmm, the flow of this short puts me off. Some parts seem too dramatic for the sake of being dramatic.

    Excellent cast and production design though.

  38. Amazing work guys. Easily the best Film Riot production yet

  39. Peeta says:

    I really enjoyed it

  40. woooweee did that get my cinesneses tingling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Been camping out in line for two months for this release!

  42. Baylux says:

    Brilliantly crafted, every scene was filmed perfectly to tell an amazing story that was understood. Amazing work!

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