6612 Gold Casket Season 7 - 2019 Movie|New Movie|Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Gold Casket Season 7 – 2019 Movie|New Movie|Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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Gold Casket is an action packed movie that is tense, thrilling and satisfying. It delves deep into the criminal activities of some group of young guys
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33 reviews - Gold Casket Season 7 – 2019 Movie|New Movie|Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

  1. Osama sasa sasa Osama pra pra is a conform Pastor

  2. If you are working with God like Osama sa-sa-sa Osama bla-bla-bla. hit me hi ?️

  3. And Emeka Ofor bride his father with 40 000 000 casket oooo???

  4. Roz23 45 says:

    Osama sa sa sa sa sa Osama pra pra pra kijana mfupi round ?

  5. Kelvin talk too much

  6. Finally is out. Na we dey here. Osama and chief Zero is here focus

  7. Kcee Love says:

    Now the powerful little girl again

  8. Are you whet me that the dead bodies Osama brought one of them blinked his eyes but they tried sha oooo

  9. Kelvin greedy man ,what 10k can do,atlest give the boys 15million to share..

  10. Kelvin yu talk too much..but I like him..

  11. Greed guy out of 4om you will give only 2.5 each.

  12. Finally we get the remaining season

  13. 40m and you will give them 2.5m to share. Kelvin you must be joking

  14. In case of una wen won take 10k make una invest women no be everything lol???

  15. As a good leader when i be,I go build bungalow when get flowers ?una know say I like flowers ?????kelvin kelvin kelvin am always ready to laugh whenever i see your movie ?your own share of the money no be here own o???

  16. How can a person buried with a casket of 50 000 000

  17. Money is the root of all evil..In fact,that's true????See how money make Osama ignored his own biological father??Nice movie???Love from??

  18. About to watch

  19. LILI NOSKI says:

    Nice movie guy's ??????

  20. Skesh Tyga says:

    I love dis movie
    at of 40m u go give them 2.1m
    u are very mad

  21. Kelvin boys don't have common sense how will they accept to collect 2.5.000000 from kelvin hhmm

  22. Chai!!! I be don forget am oo, ❣abeg he remain the corbra oo…….. fristnollytv?

  23. Kelvin book you too talk

  24. This dpo need to lean work

  25. I have been waiting for this movie ooo…. Thank God for it

  26. This dpo don't know how to act…

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