23171 Gemini Man - Official Trailer 2

Gemini Man – Official Trailer 2

Check out the next look at Gemini Man, in theaters October 11, 2019.
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35 reviews - Gemini Man – Official Trailer 2

  1. ?? x10 ? x20


  3. Im your bigest fan

  4. Lmao and he a libra like me

  5. Why they always do this damn Hua effect? Like, seriously, they used it twice. 3:11

  6. So Will, when you punched yourself in the face, did it hurt your hand or your face more?

  7. 0:55
    What's wrong with his nose and his eyes? Totally crooked and completely deformed. 😀

    Looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame

  8. YTall says:

    im in indonesia men hihihih,,i like you

  9. C Lassus says:

    Im really impressed i don't really do the comments thing. Keep up the good work OVERBROOK PRODUCTIONS. °©L-79

  10. Will they be able to bring back Paul walker? ?

  11. This looks amazing ?

  12. Your the actor in the fresh prince in belair

  13. Krrrimmi says:

    Will Smith is trying to be "THE ONE" of Jet Lee & "6th Day" of Arnie. ?

  14. Wowwww Will Smith Is back

  15. 254 Reborn says:

    Jaden is an ICON

  16. SKYRULE-49 says:

    This movie is going to have the best fight choreography of the year.

  17. arc says:

    2:03 Steven from stranger things?

  18. GS S says:

    part 2 of this one shud have Willow in it.. she will carry forward your legacy, top actor of the next generation. she can proabably easily pull off action roles.

  19. When you hate yourself but also you love yourself and respect yourself

  20. Will has become in his own self fulfilled prophecy

  21. Cuando principe de bel air????

  22. E Nevils says:

    No matter what he will have that “ IT FACTOR “.

  23. Ok what's your secret please you clearly haven't aged

  24. H S says:

    They should realease it during gemini season

  25. you look good will love . from one of your older fans.

  26. TBH they didn't need to cgi his face so much. Just get rid of the beard and a bit of makeup and he looks the fresh prince of bel-air again

  27. Can't wait for Will Smith Generations

  28. Benny Chen says:

    This happened to junior in different timelines

  29. Starring: Will Smith as Will Smith

  30. Eddin Benz says:

    You're the best man !!!!

  31. CJTAMBER says:

    I like how you used your sons music!

  32. I bet 1000$ that at some point they either team up in the end or one sacrifices themself for the other.

  33. How dope is he to use Jaden's music ???

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