32278 Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 2 - Top Secret Launch Trailer

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 – Top Secret Launch Trailer

Fortnite goes Top Secret in Chapter 2 – Season 2.

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36 reviews - Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 – Top Secret Launch Trailer

  1. Dead pool at the banana house

  2. Lynx is definetly going to get a built in emote to change from her normal style to the lynx style like the which skin that was added last season

  3. What’s the skin at 0:08 chasing her?

  4. Pause it right at 25 seconds look it's dead pool

  5. I feel like chapter 2 season 1 was better

  6. io io says:

    The people shooting at lynx were stormtroopers in disguise

  7. Did anyone else see dead pool when the banana went through the book case

  8. Throwee says:

    Good season
    Better than last. Well, of course

  9. I’m a peace of shit

  10. itz yes22 says:

    Why do this look like men in black

  11. 0:51 if he’s petting the cat why isn’t the cat turning gold?????????¿

  12. 0:25 Deadpool is holding the banana guys suits

  13. 0:25 try pause it you will see Deadpool

  14. Why did they drag Deadpool into this

  15. Joey Eills says:

    Dead pool is always in the background some where

  16. RandomSD says:

    They finally acknowledged Sledge's existence at 0:06!

  17. I feel so bad for that who got thon going eyes people

  18. 0:46
    In the bottom right corner of the tree, there's a The Seven Reference.

  19. R!ot clapz says:

    Put on .25 speed and watch carefully on pesky changing

  20. Fun fact: The “Midas” skin was based off of Greek mythology. King Midas was blessed with the power to turn anything that he touched to gold (that’s why his hands are gold) and he he died because of him not being able to eat food. There was an unreleased skin which was a golden skeleton with a crown, a direct connection to king Midas.

  21. Woah Deadpool ?!!!!!!!!??????

  22. Ajun Love says:

    Journey said Ight ima head out

  23. Ajun Love says:

    Journey said ugly ima head out

  24. Am I the only one that noticed Deadpool at 0:25?

  25. Season 2 is way better then the old version

  26. Guys anybody gonna talk about the HELI?

  27. Fucking deadpool gave banana man a suit lmao!!!!

  28. At 0:25 you cansee deedpoll

  29. Young Roe says:

    Did you guys see deadpool 19 seconds into the vid

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