32282 Fortnite - Chapter 2 Season 2 Launch Trailer | PS4

Fortnite – Chapter 2 Season 2 Launch Trailer | PS4


Play Spy Games – The Island has been taken over by covert operatives – Ghost and Shadow – and its fate is in your hands. Will you join the fight?

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42 reviews - Fortnite – Chapter 2 Season 2 Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Deadpool was in that library and he was drawn on the tree if you see well

  2. People still play this trash game

  3. Lionsfn says:

    0:48 helicopters confirmed

  4. We not gonna talk about the helicopter at 00:49

  5. 0:28 you can see dead pool when its open

  6. Lynx looking mad cute in this

  7. i mean 0:43 that weird

  8. :43 that wierd

  9. I wonder if this game will ever stop making battlepasses

  10. One of the carvings on the tree was deadpool

  11. The names Bond Banana Bond

  12. Let’s be honest, at 0:52 we were all like, “aww, how adora- AhHhHhHhHhHhHh”

  13. 0:52

    Aww what a cute cat..;w;

    * A second later *

    That is one buff cat..

  14. video juegos aburridos xd

  15. UGLY PIECES OF sh Ee it

  16. lisa1dcfan says:

    Ps4 trash Xbox better

  17. deadpool?!?!?!?!?!?!

  18. wy is dedpool here

  19. Bob says:

    0:43 llama on the right

  20. hey this is the bad spy sequal

  21. 0:49>If he has the golden touch then why didn't he make the golden cat

  22. 0:26 Deadpool, I need my suit now.

  23. 0:39 ight ima head out

  24. Derp Goku says:

    Best scene and music: 0:49

  25. Fortnite should have Story Mode , not save the world thing.

    Why? Because Fortnite isn't real Battleroyale game since Season 4

  26. Guys im really friggen laughing rn ?? im a fortnite disliker but these trailers man i could watch a show with this insane comedy

  27. 0:55 who is white head?

  28. Is no one going to talk about how badass Peely looks

  29. SweetXBell says:


  30. Yannmcha says:

    What a magnificent purpose

  31. Ali sufiii says:

    After iran fort in irag habibi live?

  32. Tea Berri says:

    Oh dang things boutta get spicy

  33. My question is how why did Journey Leave EGO

  34. How can I rewatch this on my ps4?

  35. Poor inflatable guy died off light house

  36. Wait the original peely had a sticker that said nana but the new one it doesn't have it

  37. Medic Yt says:

    Pause at 46 seconds

  38. Medic Yt says:

    Guess so the tree likes butts

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