Everything GREAT About Captain Marvel! (Part 2)

Captain Marvel created a divide between people. Let’s fix it, eh? Or whatever, the alt title to this video would be Captain Marvel: Empathy.

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Brie’s ‘More Seats’ Interview: https://youtu.be/4FRqojIEMKc?t=128
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34 reviews - Everything GREAT About Captain Marvel! (Part 2)

  1. Pratik Rawal says:

    Look about the seats thing. Brietard is saying that bcz she knows 40 yo white dudes, as she so effortlessly herself put, she doesn't want 40yo white men to look into her movie bcz she knows they'll hold more authority than her and will criticize the movie. Also about not taking anyone else's seat. Take a pizza, cut it 6 ways, everyone gets a okay ish ,but you cut it for 12 pieces, the size of the uncut pizza remains the same. If you give someone exposure and an opportunity just on the basis of their gender or race over someone who deserves it more than her/him is straight up injustice. People should get jobs based on merit. That's it

  2. Always enjoyed your positivity, and watches all of your videos.
    But you are the same person that said "I don't care who play the part as long as they get the best actor for the part" when blackwashing happens, while bashing whitewashing.
    There is nothing wrong with advocating for empowerment, just don't go around saying you are equally empathic for all parties involved.

  3. Jordan Sweet says:

    I love you,man! Thank you for this. So tired of the controversy and I appreciate you always working above the material.Thanks!

  4. Pratik Rawal says:

    Disney has gotten it's claws into him as well.

  5. Cthullik says:

    Best video so far. Thank you for your call to understanding others in this divisive time! (Also: "Ze' bra" not "Zee'bra" , short "e" sound, there's only one "e" and it has multiple letters until the next vowel [sorry])

  6. This video is extremely well made. He looked at both sides and explained his opinion and I totally agree with you. Good Job!

  7. Luigi Nastro says:

    Just fucking watch movies and stop inserting your political bullshit in them.
    That's all I have to say.

  8. mary bel says:

    I honestly feel like they could have done a lot better with this character but got a free pass because she is a badass woman

  9. Mitch Gibson says:

    “Every movie is someone’s favorite.” I really should stop there, huh.

  10. Now I kinda still want to see a video that just goes "listen to that score" and "cute kitty", because now we haven't heard about the actual wins in the movie itself 😛
    That said, I salute you, sir. I had no clue about any form of controversy surrounding this movie and though I also was worried about Captain Mar-vell being overpowered for Endgame, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.
    About what you mention with the feminist theme, and I'm going to compare with Wonder Woman here because that makes it easier to explain what I mean: this is not really that much of a feminist movie. In Wonder Woman, we're reminded every 5 minutes that she's the prettiest girl you've ever seen, and you get a bunch of 'leading men' (Trevor first of all) who have to learn not only that she's capable and strong even though she's a woman, but that they should defer to her BECAUSE she's more capable and stronger than them, and the whole reason why Trevor doesn't immediately salute her and call her general (or at least her mother) after the fight on that beach is because she is a woman. This is very visible in the attack in the alley where he instinctively goes "stay behind me". Compared to that, in Captain Marvel you get a bit of 'women weren't allowed to fly' – Carol had to prove herself to the humans in her life – but for the Kree she's just one of their soldiers, and far from the only woman. She gets trained like them, she goes on a mission with them, and the reason why they keep suppressing her and messing with her head is not because she is a woman, but because she could wipe them all out regardless of her gender. The Kree, the Skrull and Nick Fury don't treat her any differently because she's a woman, where Trevor and his merry band of misfits do that to Wonder Woman – in a completely different historical/spatial (because outer space) context, of course, so it makes sense in that movie, but yeah. Wonder Woman is a feminist icon and her movie shows it. Carol Danvers is an icon, period, and her most defining trait isn't that she is a woman and can still best the men, but that, just like any male hero, she's been beaten down again and again in her life (not always because of her gender) and has always got up again to show them until she won.

  11. Finallyyy the lion king YEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. When are you uploading Endgame's video??

  13. Oh. Okay, I was excited about this but now I’m not, I guess I’ll stick to watching others. Thanks for the fun times and videos from before!!

  14. You should do everything great about the Spider-Man PS4 game

  15. aserta says:

    7:34, so positivity through muffling. Interesting concept, i wonder where i've seen that type of behavior…hm.

    Can't help but draw a perfect parallel path to what's happening in China and Hong Kong recently. After all, you can't hear any critique if it's "missing". Do you feel like a bear just because you chose the narrative of the channel with this movie?

    Nothing, absolutely, NOTHING, excuses the actor or actresses' behavior, for they are the ambassadors of their own work. Even more so in the context of how this movie was made, why it was made, and how it was negotiated despite a lot of people wishing for an entirely different actress to take the role. One that would have fit the role better, but didn't fit the "controversial" agenda, the parent company was interested to have based on their little "focus groups".

    So yes, based on that alone, A fact of how movies are done these days, you're allowed to hate a movie.

    But go ahead and muffle for the narrative.

  16. Tawa says:

    I disagree with some of your points but hell if you havent brought them across well. Awesome video!

  17. your videos are so amazing. they make me re-think alot of things or simply put a smile on my face. Thank you <3

  18. Liam Curran says:

    I still dislike the movie for my own reasons, but I love your opinion. Love that people disagree with me for reasons that make sense

  19. kevin noonan says:

    My only true issue with the movie was the lack of explanation/limit to Marvels powers. In the comics she absorbs and redirects energy. In the movie she is literally Superman, able to beat anything at anytime with little effort. Thats boring and bad storytelling.

  20. Thank you for that AUSSIE WIN!!! Woohoo ? ?

  21. Hakuna Matata…

  22. I honestly thought the movie was good but after Brie said she could lift Thor’s hammer and that she was the strongest avenger I just couldn’t like it as much she just doesn’t really know much about the universe she’s in and it completely scratches me the wrong way it’s not that I dislike her as a actress I just don’t like her as captain marvel everyone else in my opinion in the mcu fits they’re characters so perfectly and you can really tell they care about the characters they play but Brie just doesn’t give that vibe for me it just feels like she’s just doing another role for me and it’s really just off putting

  23. ThinlyCut90 says:

    I mean, I'm not going to lie. This wasn't my favourite origin story. The getting up after adversity thing make me feel a little pandered to, and that's ok as well. I can also imagine that people absolutely LOVED the movie. It was an enjoyable movie, but I was a little ruined by knowing about the controversy, and that makes me very sad.

  24. Somerandom says:

    I'm not going to talk to the controversy itself, however, I can say with confidence that part of the reason I didn't see this movie was that I was influenced by the social media platforms I use. I saw some of what she had said, taken out of context.

    I generally avoid controversies when I can, which can be good, however, you can never avoid all of it and because you're not paying attention you only see the most attention-grabbing parts. I ended up with opinions on this, despite actively trying to avoid it. In my mind, I saw brie as "just" another person with excessive views on a legitimate issue. Someone who was pressing the issue too far. However, it was something that I couldn't be bothered enough to pay attention too. every time I saw a video about this movie or about Brie herself I just felt an overwhelming sense of lethargy.

    Thank you for your video, I trust this channel to always be positive in whatever topic. I figured there would be controversy, however, having delivered is way easier than any videos where people pick a side.

  25. organikness says:

    Only gripe I had, was wrong casting and pretty average acting in places

  26. monkofshades says:

    ETA on Everything GREAT About The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey? (i think that scene you used for next video tease was Lion King, pretty cool if you do it and pretty good timing, are you going to do more Disney movies that are definitely getting remakes e.g. Mulan and the Little Mermaid? Gonna do Aladdin?)

  27. My biggest issue with these two video's is not enough Goose wins (I have a ginger cat that we're still calling a flerken to this day)!

    This wasn't my favourite Marvel movie but, as I've said in other comments, that's a stupidly high bar. I think my biggest issue with this movie can probably boil down to a pressure to 'make' her the female icon rather than letting her develop into one. My issue (and admittedly I haven't seen it since I saw it in cinema's so I could be forgetting things here) is that I feel like she didn't actually change that much throughout the movie for better or worse as a character. That being said I have no idea how you'd do that in a plot where the character has to recover their memories and then juggling that with introducing the Skrulls and expanding the Kree. On that note I think the movie was actually done quite well but as Brandon Sanderson (a fantasy authour for the uninitiated) puts it: the main draws for any story are Character -> Plot -> Setting and in that order. A substandard plot and setting will always be overlooked for a good character but you need a phenomenal plot and setting to compensate for sub-par character/character development.

    I by no means dislike Captain Marvel. I actually really look forward to future movies with her in them, but (and sorry for bringing in the politicising side) when you see trailers spruiking the fact that 'she's a girl,' rather than other aspects… Something about that just seems lazy, and it feels like the writers, directors, or someone felt the pressure to put in the 'She's a girl' and it cost the story and the character. My fear is that they'll look at the reaction to this movie and push to an even further extreme but my hope is that they let the writers (and Brie) develop Carol into an even better character moving forward.

    And for the final part of my essay this (and spoilers) are why I tend to avoid trailers, discussions, and reviews about movies I already know I'm going to see. I didn't know about all the behind the scenes issues when I went and saw the movie but I enjoy it. In the end that's why I'm paying for a ticket: to be entertained, not preached at and the movie by itself without the external advertising or controversy, delivers on that. It may not be overly memorable, but it is entertaining!

  28. i dont think people realise that a character is fake and a person is real. she may be hated by some people for something that i havent seen or heard of, but at the the end of the day they hate captain marvel because they hate her. she's blunt in real life which can piss some people off. but she's no different to every other actor. EVERYONE seems love chris hemsworth, but hes bland and not interesting in real life, but his character is funny and strong. I've met both the hemsworths and Liam is a much better bloke than chris but chris is a much better actor than liam which is why people like chris more. people only see and believe what they want to. Personally i loved captain marvel because i know its a movie and the ACTORS did their jobs really well. plus Brie is hot so its a win win.

  29. Matt Robson says:

    Okay, I think this might just be your best video that I've seen. The understanding you've shown both of the movie and the arguments surrounding it is seriously impressive. Also, you should absolutely do a video about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind because, what a film that is

  30. Josh Moores says:

    So long story short the actress despite her intentions did negatively effect the outcome of this movie and people who say this are battered sexist against someone who definitely doesn’t hate “white dudes”

  31. The Dark Cat says:

    This movie has no tension and it was just boring I was hoping this movie would be good but I was not impressed

  32. Monno says:

    Perhaps in an ideal world people should be more open-minded to who they can look up to. Not saying that all people should look up to everyone, but I don't see a point in complying to; my idol must be x like me.
    I understand that you'd want something that you have in common so you can attempt to bridge that gap and become more like the person you admire but I've always figured that you can try to take commendable parts of others and apply it to your own life, that's how we improve.
    I feel like I'm just thinking in circles now… I'm gonna shut up before this get's too preachy (implying that it hasn't already xD)
    Edit: Also I understand that children won't think like this most of the time

  33. Plz, I need U to do ALL THE TARANTINO MOVIES

  34. PixalProject says:

    This has got to be the most empowering video you have ever made. every sentence had a meaning and importance. Amazing job ??

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