EVERY Marvel Movie Animated Recap | MCU Avengers Compilation

Need to catch up before Avengers Endgame?? We animated this handy summary of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe you can watch in less time than it takes to find Avengers Endgame tickets!
Watch here for our Captain Marvel Summary: https://youtu.be/oU9W_fN-9v4

Catch up on all things Marvel’s Avengers now! Whatever it takes.

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EVERY Marvel Movie So Far | Animated Compilation | MCU

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Animation: Paul Zito
VO: Miles Allen
Cat: Goose the Cat
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37 reviews - EVERY Marvel Movie Animated Recap | MCU Avengers Compilation

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  2. FxXx Playz says:

    Obidiah STANE

  3. On Time 5:03 how IS The tesseract in thors hand if its still in The machine?

  4. It's not Stone, it's Stain.
    It's not a live grenade, it's a dummy grenade. A live one would have legit killed him.
    Iron Patriot was an enemy on the plane. He never saved anyone and was the suit that held the president hostage.
    There was no AI in Loki's scepter. It's just the mind stone and they thought they could use the infinity stone to create an AI.

  5. JoeyG MOG says:

    16:22 spider man is not here but Stan lee is RIP

  6. Thor killed Thanos kinda ?

  7. 2:25 did you see stan lee

  8. 16:14 it’s rewind time!!!!!!

  9. I’m Mary Poppins yall

  10. Why is vision purple instead of red

  11. 13:50 we all felt that???

  12. Zeb Zero says:

    You do not know caps old shield is made from adamantium

  13. Ratcha Gamer says:

    His name is stane not stone

  14. Nubyb Gbtb says:

    longest talking breath record

  15. red dye says:

    R.I.P. Stan Lee ?

  16. You voice reminds me of ultamite spider

  17. Blackpanther fights in civil war then becomes blackpanther

  18. The avengers won endgame

  19. This animation was stupid

  20. These drawings are sooo bad and he left so much things out

  21. Mr CCLIX says:

    Obadiah Stone

  22. I love your videos but can you please stop saying bad words

  23. 16:22 wait he killed stan lee

  24. "He bench presses himself free"

  25. That thumbnail is very misleading

  26. 16:22
    There's stanley ????
    R.I.P stanley we all love you

  27. Where is captain marvel and avengers endgame

  28. axo kid says:


  29. Ho is Justin Hammer even a competition to Tony Stark

    Tony made nanotechnology what did hammer do

  30. PAUSE 16:22 it’s Stan lee 🙁

  31. Ethan Lin says:

    Missed some

  32. blt409 says:

    Why are the sound effects and music four times louder than the narration??‍♂️

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