Ernest Goes to School

Jim Varney’s recurring dim-bulb character Ernest P. Worrell returns in this film as a school maintenance man seeking to obtain a high school diploma.

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27 reviews - Ernest Goes to School

  1. Gen Racer88 says:

    I love this Movie It's My Favorite??✌️?????

  2. Sam Moss says:

    remember his character as Virgil Carter on Fernwood 2 Nite tv show….he was a hoot

  3. Pro Cow says:

    Theres another version of this movie on here that requires money and is 1 second longer

  4. Aidan Morris says:

    German lady: WHERE ARE YOUR PAPERS?!

  5. PACRACKZ says:

    Make them ALL FREE

  6. Josh Young says:

    Legend has it this whole movie is a study of drug addiction lmao

  7. This looks like its from the 90’s

  8. Stevie says:

    Too bad Jim Varney is no longer with us. We was a great character actor and it would've been very interesting seeing him perform today. He would have fit in great with any Adult Swim program.

  9. Birb is territorial because he's allowed on the floor. Another animal blamed for hooman error.

  10. I remember him when he was doing the commercials for Cerritos Auto Square…before he was even doing movies…Know what I mean Vern?

  11. Lazy Tiger says:

    My favorite part is when the German scientists gas them in the showers

  12. Big Chungus says:

    Sucks that he died right after he got famous

  13. David Banner says:

    I bet ernest got lots of pussy back in the day.

  14. Jenny ONeill says:

    Watched him on sat mornings

  15. Jenny ONeill says:

    He did the voice for slinky dog in toy story 1 and 2 until he died his friend took over and did the voice just like him for the other 2 movies

  16. Chevy Chaser says:

    Bobby is my favorite character in the Ernest movies.

  17. Jimmy Knox says:

    I love Earnest! ?

  18. man, i love Jim Varney. comedy will never be the same. Indiana misses you.

  19. Jim Varney is also Slinky Dog

  20. Jaycobツ says:

    Is this actually free or do we have to pay for it

  21. Such a great underrated actor, too.bad he didn't get recognized like actors john candy did, as ernest is original, he didn't have great actors in his movies. But he made these movies great. ?


  23. Stephen Luke says:


    A movie starring Jim Varney (1949-2000) is finally hear on YouTube Movies.

  24. Jim Varney is a legend. As I kid I remember recording all his movies to VHS and wearing the tape out. RIP

  25. Mr. Mark says:

    I miss Jim Varney…

  26. ATV STUDIOS says:

    I loved Ernest as a kid! He was my idol growing up! Jim Varney was such an underrated actor and he was gone way too soon!

  27. Haha No says:

    I’ve only grown up with the Halloween one why am I just finding out there’s MORE?!

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