Episode 10 | Next Time Trailer | The Timeless Children | Doctor Who: Series 12

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27 reviews - Episode 10 | Next Time Trailer | The Timeless Children | Doctor Who: Series 12

  1. Everyone is gonna hate me for this but I really hope they reference Hell Bent next week.

  2. “This is going to Hurt”


  3. Liambrownz says:

    The master does the crying eyes so well

  4. Dani Taylor says:

    Yeah this is cool and all but BRING BACK DAVID TENNANT


  6. Jenna Ramos says:

    I’m excited but I’m bitter sometimes when I would have preferred another doctor to get this or a certain story line lol

  7. Quinn says:

    Not going to lie after Jodie's first season I wasn't too hyped for this season but damn this season has been really good.

  8. BMarchesa says:

    The chemistry between The Doctor + The Master is so ???????, it's got Gallifrey burning up!

  9. Soul Index says:

    Oof, Cybermen knowing the location of Gallifrey isn't good in the slightest ?

  10. Jake Mcmahon says:

    What if Brendan isn’t related to jack and jack is the lone cyber

  11. mooseVFX says:

    I stopped watching because the doctor is a women

  12. Lubble-1397 says:

    Does anyone even watch this mess of a show anymore??

  13. Jordan7 says:

    Female doctor stinks

  14. TheNoobPube says:

    But why is the master evil again???

  15. bijo says:

    What was the point of Jacks cameo?

  16. Mike Lachey says:

    This has been the best season in a long time. everything is just clicking on all cylinders. Jodie is amazing, the companions are really starting to find their footing, we got some Captain Jack, and the new Master is yet another spectacular hit. I friggin love this show, never doubted that Jodie was going to be incredible

  17. Git Mulhaney says:

    New Who converts will probably be deeply horrified if they've read my comments elsewhere after I made some rather unkind observations but I must say THE NEW MASTER AND CYBERMEN ARE EXCELLENT (which only serves to annoy me all the more, its always ALL OR NOTHING FOR ME (even for a show I've been watching since I was about 5!).

  18. TheAxtonman says:

    From Female to Pakistani, whats next Blac.. Ohhh

  19. Tom Ripley says:

    I haven't see Doctor Who since Donna had an invisible beetle on her back. Can somebody catch me up in less than 20 words?

  20. Amy Memory says:

    Oh boy, this is gonna be time for me to run and roll around while going crazy lol

  21. Lone Wolf95 says:

    Still not happy until the change actors for the doctor

  22. Looks like a load of revisionist crap

  23. Ender says:

    Oh benni!

  24. 'Brace yourself… this is going to hurt'

    Oh boy

  25. The master telling us to subscribe to doctor who YouTube channel wow love it

  26. acex222 says:

    I can't believe they still make this show

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