Dwayne Haskins Film Analysis

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43 reviews - Dwayne Haskins Film Analysis

  1. smug broke-ass know-it-all bitchboy who can't say 'suffering succotash' without spitting all over the screen and clearly too soft for 'go fish', let alone football, thinks his qualified to assess nfl talent.
    skip bayless boy-toy.

  2. Imo Haskins will be the better NFL QB and Murray the better college QB.


  4. Caleb Shuler says:

    When Haskins is rookie of the year, remember this

  5. Caleb Shuler says:

    You think that short little Murray is better than haskins

  6. Caleb Shuler says:

    Then you shouldn't be talking sports or football. Who is possibly better!?

  7. God, that eli video

  8. d kar says:

    chris cooley little brother

  9. Jim Baily says:

    Not sure why this was in my suggestions, but great video and breakdown. I love Hashkins, probably one of the best raw tallent QBs I've seen, but I would've liked for him to play one more year in college

  10. Cavemantero says:

    so…what you're saying…is Haskins plays like Tom Brady?

  11. King Willdog says:

    Your breakdowns of football is very very impressive. You show a lot of intelligence and commitment. Being a former coach I thought I understood how to watch film but you showed me that I have a lot to aspire to. Keep up the great work

  12. OMG, this is hilarious. He's NOT throwing the ball into the dirt aginst Indiana – he's trying to hit the back who's trying to release through the o-line after blocking. The ball came damn close to hit him on the helmet … which could have been DISASTROUS. No, if the intent was to throw away that pass, that is the LAST place you would want to throw it.

  13. “a patient fan base” oh dear…


  14. the dude completed 70% of his passes on over 9 yards per attempt. He broke all of drew Bree’s single season records. The title of this video should be “nit picking Dwayne Haskins as much as I possibly could” you don’t throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns on 70% off of screen passes and “being able to get your feet perfectly aligned”

  15. Brad2Penske says:

    I’m pissed the Giants didn’t draft him

  16. What microphone do you use?

  17. Tazer183 says:

    Brady 2007: 50 TDs 8INTs 4,806 yards
    Haskins 2018: 50 TDs 8INTs 4,831 yards – college

  18. Sir Mang says:

    Your negatives on Haskins are spot on. He has no chance at being a productive NFL starter with his weaknesses. His timing isn't good. His throwing motion isn't good. His throwing mechanics aren't good. His wrist flick doesn't exist. All of that will doom him to being a turnover machine who completes around 55% of his passes.

  19. tyler ortiz says:

    wow all those screen passes got me drooling for bryce love who I am stashing in dynasty

  20. Spirit_Bomb says:

    Hey man please don't give up on this cause you're going somewhere. Thank you for the content. instasubbed

  21. Drew lock ?

    5 min later : nvm found it lmao

  22. Alot of this has to Do with the system he plays in… If I was a coach and had a running back who averaged 10 yards per catch I would scheme to include him in the passing game… In college if it works utilize it. I don't think the game plan should be a knock on haskins skill set.

  23. Kyle Keeton says:

    Just want to start off by saying your channel is amazing! As a huge buckeyes fan, I watched every single snap he took this year and I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I believe Haskins will be great due to his work ethic and willingness to be coached. He’s only played one full season of high level football and only got better throughout the year. I think as he gets more experience and learns his strengths and weaknesses he will be a very, very successful QB.

  24. Omar Garza says:

    Great videos gained a subscriber keep it up.

  25. I can be the difference maker let me be your ting to your yang. Hit me up

  26. *sighs in Redskins fan

  27. Slylok says:

    His throwing motion is all arm and no body. He also throws a football like he does a baseball which is why his spirals suck.

  28. Luke Elliott says:

    Id say daniel jones is probably all round a better qb but wont be able to be coached up to level dwayne haskins could be.

  29. pstob223 says:

    This is propaganda to justify Daniel Jones pick over Haskins.

  30. Hank Mcleod says:

    Stats are a poor way to compare quarterbacks you say. Then you bring up stats to argue how kyler Murray is better… lol

  31. 1:25 and 1:42 those plays looked like intentional grounding. How were they not?

    You sure act like you know a lot about football for someone who's never played a down.

  32. Joshua Howe says:

    Haskins doesnt look like the best QB in the draft now but i have a feeling, over time, he will be the best QB looking back at that class of QB's

  33. buster brown says:

    Dave Gettleman is an idiot.

  34. Awesome content keep grinding man!!

  35. Jake Slavik says:

    So 2 of his most impressive plays are throw aways on unopen screens, but it’s a knock that he had 96 yards in 3 plays on completed screens because he didn’t do any of the work

  36. Bryan Lutz says:

    Says stats don't determine how good a QB is then points out kyler has more overall yards. Then points out that his stats are inflated because of screens so he obviously doesnt match up to kyler in that category but forgets to mention how horrible the defense is in the Big 12. So i wonder which inflates stats more 10-20 big yard gain screens in a season or playing against horrible defensive teams.

  37. Antbeast23 says:

    Yea peyton manning didn't have a spiral too.

  38. N Leslie says:

    Rarely watch football but I still love your videos.

  39. ceb316 says:

    Just found your vids today. Great analysis.

  40. Tom Bradys numbers are also inflation.flats routes ,screens,5 yard pass turned into 30

  41. He's states are better believe that sir

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