36603 Dustin Lynch - Cowboys And Angels (Official Music Video)

Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Dustin Lynch performing Cowboys And Angels. (C) 2012 Broken Bow Records

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47 reviews - Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels (Official Music Video)

  1. This song reminds me of my best friend and his girlfriend so much. They were the perfect couple and this represents them and their relationship. Sadly, I lost my best friend and brother of 10 years in March 2021 in a wreck. This is one of my favorite songs and I can’t listen to it the same way anymore. I love you Coop. So damn much.

  2. Kim Lane says:

    Awesome song

  3. Congratulations!! You got it all.

  4. Learned this song when it came out sure glad I did. Laying with the girl of my dreams last night this came in my thoughts and I just busted out in song and it was so perfect.

  5. I love this song❤️???

  6. I would love to find a love like this

  7. Such a beautiful song Dustin!???

  8. Did ya'll see the way he was playing the solo in the guitar?? Smh Lol No hate tho

  9. First time hearing this wonderful song. Made me cry.

  10. Skipping warrant amnesia need and memory to um. Rhis

  11. Iamwhoiam says:

    2021???✅never will heel from it all

  12. The song is amazing… sweet and loving… but the fanatic in me is screaming DWIGHT FROM THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!

  13. his song called small-town boy use to be my favorite song when I was six years old and I turn ten on April 29 still my favorite song but now I'm kind of too gabby Barrett now. Also probably when I'm like 20 years old this song is prob gonna have 90 million views.

  14. My name is tony Smith I have a finance named abby I love her I'm not done fighting for her I will always love you babygirl I'm not listening to your guardian who is saying you told her we're done for good and you don't want anything to do with me anymore I'm not going to believe that I know you wouldn't ever say that I can still feel the stress you're going through I love you mrs. Abby b smith

  15. This old couple i knew were just like this. She literally held onto life as long as she could whole he waa killing himself taking care of her. They used to go to the casino all the time. I always thought this song fit them. R.i.P. u two. Up there dancing in the clouds, finally home.

  16. song maly says:

    Add a public comment… Well watching his bluee eyes it is the ways I feel…. Add a public comment… Dont you worry cguidelines I am still at war with myself and you too. Please do not get comfortable bc I am ready locked and loaded down!! Now respest me and mines… Jerks no server 404 Losers and a please and thank you as well "RESPECT ME""!!!!

  17. song maly says:

    Come get that shirt ripped off too!!! Oh what what whata C cc Cowboy Skirt Im a Cowboi He is an Angel bc he is sweet and I am allll D d Dang Er er er Ous lets hold hands and ahhhh side by siiiddeee!!! Now who is sweet and fuck is right I am dangerous!!! Girls like me and guys like you now fallll bc Ill catch you… Uhh who doesnt love a Dustin Lynch rumble!!! Idoes I does I do'sss

  18. song maly says:

    Ahhh come on dont make me bbb bb beggg!!! Ppp ppp pleeasse and a pretty too… Ill let you hold my stuff and Ill let you carry it too…Hes so yummy Yall Dangg!!

  19. song maly says:

    Ahhh I love this song.
    Jello Dustin call me love.
    And get beat up too!!

  20. I loves me some country boy ….angel ??

  21. song maly says:

    Youre sooo cute!! Please call me later… Xoxoxoxoxo
    Lil Read Ridn Hood the Princess of War

  22. song maly says:

    ""Hurri Song Kane""

  23. song maly says:

    Ahhhh I love this song!!! Theres a history betweeeeenn you and mmmm mm me!!! He is so sweet shhe is ALLLL
    "Dan Ger Ousss"!!!!

  24. You cowboy up young man…

  25. Joel Bett says:

    I’m glad was able to attend his concert here in Kansas City b4 COVID-19 messed Everything up

  26. Cowboys and Angels

  27. This is amazing

  28. ❤❤❤?❤❤❤?????????????

  29. This was me and my ex’s song.. ?

  30. Woah Austin Amelio (Dwight from The Walking Dead) plays the main character in this music video 2:51 for a look and I just noticed that rewatching this video I haven’t seen it in a long time.

  31. Anyone out here in 2021 in quarantine

  32. Nevaeh G says:

    If they allow him to do that for me

  33. Nevaeh G says:

    I would love to sing this on stage with Dustin Lynch one day

  34. Nevaeh G says:

    Yeah he still was 26 years old when he made that he wasn't 27

  35. Nevaeh G says:

    I was probably about 5 or 4 years old that time and now I'm 13 years old and fixin to be 14

  36. Nevaeh G says:

    He said in a interview that this was his very first song ever

  37. Nevaeh G says:

    This song was all the way back in 2012 and I remember my dad tellin me that at the Pensacola beach he was there and had met dustin lynch and he had concerts there that he had two videos of and he had a picture of him and dustin lynch and I thought that Dustin Lynch and him are best buds and that he said he has dustin lynchs phone number and calls him every once in a while and I thought that was pretty nice and he even showed me the videos and the picture and they made me happy so I said I would love to do the same things this year in October on the 12th and talk to dustin about some stuff and ask him stuff and see what he says and thinks. And I can't freakin wait. I hope you see this Dustin Lynch

  38. Nevaeh G says:

    This song right here Dustin Lynch does make me emotional but with happiness sometimes

  39. Nevaeh G says:

    But its really nice

  40. Nevaeh G says:

    This song makes me emotional sometimes

  41. Should be scorpio and aries. Maybe other power couples will understand!!

  42. Nevaeh G says:

    Dustin Lynch don't you worry i will be at your concert this year in October on the 12th and I'll make sure I'll be there too and I don't care if that concert is 4 or 5 hours away from me I will be there

  43. Nevaeh G says:

    I didn't know about his music until February of 2020 and I will always love him and have loved him forever

  44. Nevaeh G says:

    Him and the people in this song had done a great job

  45. Nevaeh G says:

    Every part of this song is my very favorite

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