21966 Drift and Brite Bomber have KIDS?! (Fortnite Short Film)

Drift and Brite Bomber have KIDS?! (Fortnite Short Film)

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35 reviews - Drift and Brite Bomber have KIDS?! (Fortnite Short Film)

  1. Javaa says:

    Make this is blue if you love LJ Studios!!
    ??(i'm gifting my next 10 loyal subscribers)

  2. T'es le meilleur lj studios

  3. Who else is watching this in 2020

  4. These videos are garbage oh god ?

  5. iBoncio says:

    I LOVE this Channel but this video is clickbait

  6. Meg O-Pull says:

    Can you make one about drift becoming sanctum ? Plz

  7. come on next vidéo how To noob 6

  8. EKtento says:

    The title is klick bate

  9. Random Jay says:

    I bet you drift would make that bed rock and bright bombers cheeks would be destroyed ???

  10. sauger TV says:

    What a fuck man?

  11. You are the best Youtuber and you make the best Fortnite Films

  12. This is the joebuz channel

  13. OnlyOvi says:

    No more click bait please, ok?

  14. Nickrefri says:

    What is a sparkle supreme

  15. Chizpito says:

    Ok… I think this is getting a little bit out of hand…

  16. ali abbasi says:

    0:05 is it just me or does that asteroid looks like it got more cracks

  17. Where are the babys

  18. Just gamer says:

    Niveles porn

  19. MiliTV says:

    Im from Germany. Nur nie iam in Spain. Ans i bis wifi to look your videos
    Edit: iam 9 years

  20. I love your Videos so much. You are the best Youtuber in the World for me you are the best Ly Lj

  21. I feel like the quality of these films decreased…

  22. DaKzo YT says:

    Please create LG Studios in italian version!!!

  23. Where are the Kids? That is why i wild see this video

  24. Y4ZIIX _SL says:

    c magnifique ce que tu fait gg tu a beaucoup d'imagination

  25. Hey man, i follow your Channel since you have 10k subs

  26. Ogi B says:

    I love brite and drift. My fav. Couple

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