4553 Disney Blocked My Captain Marvel Video (Because Feelings)

Disney Blocked My Captain Marvel Video (Because Feelings)

Disney provided the materials for media and content creators to use… and then filed copyright claims when they used them. Genius move, Disney!

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20 reviews - Disney Blocked My Captain Marvel Video (Because Feelings)

  1. Joseph M. says:

    Movie trailer channels are the wild west of YouTube

  2. Aero Nomer says:

    Disney is just another Leftard super-corporation.

  3. I saw that lol

  4. C Ben says:

    lol vocal fry

  5. You don't like it cause you're sexist? These people have a low opinion of women if they feel you cant criticize them. They've become such fragile little flowers.

  6. Also someone that is as physically active as Capt Marvel, why does the character lack muscle tone?

  7. I saw Capt Marvel in theaters. It was mostly ok. I saw this bike theft scene in theaters. I was emotionally triggered as I fear aliens will one day steal my motorcycle, helmet, jacket, boots, etc. can I sue? ?

  8. Hahaha BRA-F@#KING-VO! I love it!

  9. Disney is losing more the more they say "You MUST like our stuff! We've spent hundreds of millions to discriminate men for women. We need to get money for that"

  10. I dont knock other ppls hustle

  11. That shot at Jarbo… ??????

  12. The right doesn't have to do any propaganda, the left is advertising the right for free!

  13. Dude u r a legend

  14. gifyfish says:

    Bunch of blondes

  15. As usual, laws do not apply to any corporation stationed in Silicon Valley.

  16. First the came for Alex Jones, then Gavin and the proud boys, currently steven Crowder, then everyone else

  17. F*ck Disney pedophiles!

  18. Andrew, I’m have you inappropriate comments reported to Vox.

  19. Disney can eat a flying dick.

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