43729 'Di Man Ngayon - PJ Endrinal (Music Video)

'Di Man Ngayon – PJ Endrinal (Music Video)

‘Di Man Ngayon by PJ Endrinal Music Video

Words & Music by Gabriel Tagadtad
Produced by Rox Santos
Arranged by Gabriel Tagadtad
Live guitars by Gab Tagadtad
Back up vocals by Gabriel Tagadtad
Vocal Production by Roque “rox” Santos & Tim Recla
Recorded by Roque Santos
Mixed & Mastered by Gabriel Tagadtad
Executive Producer: Roxy Liquigan

‘Di Man Ngayon by PJ Endrinal Music Video

Andrea Brillantes
Seth Fedelin
Francine Diaz
Kyle Echarri

Over all in charge of Production:
Joanne Angeles

Video Prod: Chapters PH
Director: Jed Regala
Executive Producer: Andromeda Tan
Creative Producer: Jonina Ramos
Karlo Calingao
Carl Tejada
Project Manager: Cha Cabayao
Production Assts:
Aldrin Alfante
Gerald Bustarde
Garren Bustarde
Jobert Rima

ABS-CBN Music Credits
ABS-CBN Music Head – Roxy Liquigan
Star Pop Label Head – Rox Santos
Creative Director Jonathan Manalo
AdProm Head – Jeff Victoria
Music Marketing – JP Guan
Music Video Producer – London Angeles
Digital Marketing Team Lead- Naomi Enriquez
Digital Head – William Garcia
Digital Content Producer – Jean Gonzales & Troy Lunar

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19 reviews - 'Di Man Ngayon – PJ Endrinal (Music Video)

  1. Kycine lang sakalam?? I love you

  2. KYCINE TO EH????

  3. SethDrea galing

  4. star Light says:

    ganda ng kantaaaaa

  5. enna says:


  6. Grabe basta sethdrea ang galing sobra??

  7. Loving you everyday KyCine ???

  8. Kycine ??????

  9. SETHDREA are real ?

  10. Omg SETHDREA theme song ????

  11. elle says:

    kycine willing to wait.?✨

  12. Yung music bagay talaga sa kycine??? kycine ? though?

  13. PH RANDOM says:


  14. Tamaan ka sana ng panahon bagyo ngayon..

  15. I like the song ? ?

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