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30 reviews - Deep Sleep Music, Meditation Sleep Music, Relaxing Sleep Music, Calming Sleep Music

  1. Debra Flynn says:

    this is calming i love it it even helps my pain go away

  2. God bless & more power!

  3. Pia Ivarsson says:

    God bless you sir ???????

  4. I have an early morning start and cant seem to drown out surrounding noise. This is my third clip. Totally love this one everything went silent or peaceful. Thankyou

  5. Dreamie says:

    Y hen kgk NFL officer zhivago rp emergency

  6. This year has been pretty rough and sleep has not come easy but I'm finally able to fall asleep peacefully at night and shut my brain off finally! Look forward to bedtime now so I can let all my worries slip away and get some actual rest! GOD BLESS YOU!??

  7. Thank you so much for this music. I slept for six hours straight after several nights of waking up at every hour the last couple of nights. I woke up feeling so renewed.

  8. Shanta says:

    I wish the screen was black I can not sleep with all the bright light let me see if can find a different one

  9. Matty Tesla says:


  10. Bella música!!

  11. Katie Walker says:

    I am half asleep to this!!

  12. I fell asleep for 3 hours 40 minutes and 9 seconds cause I woke up and paused it

  13. Yvonne Bass says:

    He always has a very good talent of getting me to sleep press the like button if you agree

  14. Yvonne Bass says:


  15. Yvonne Bass says:

    Thanks for your music vids they always get me to sleep ?????

  16. Mom says one video before bed I'm asleep in 5 minutes.

  17. Sending much love to u dearest Jason. It has been 11 years since I found your wonderful meditation. Thank u thank u???

  18. Chris Peckne says:


  19. Is this created to help people sleeping or is there any other intentions?

  20. It cures headaches and migraines too.

  21. Drakijy says:

    4:31:35 A Youtube premium commercial woke me up for the third time in three nights on this track

  22. Drakijy says:

    The last two nights I have been woken up at 5:58:58 by commercials in this track.

  23. The picture just watching it move is a gift in it self But the music is amazing

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