21360 D23 MARVEL ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! (Disney+ Series, Kit Harington, Black Panther 2, etc...)

D23 MARVEL ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! (Disney+ Series, Kit Harington, Black Panther 2, etc…)

A lot of MCU News at the D23 Expo! Here’s our Reaction & Discussion to the Disney+ Series Announcements (Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, She Hulk, etc…), Kit Harington as Black Knight & Gemma Chan as Sersei, Black Panther 2, and more!
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21 reviews - D23 MARVEL ANNOUNCEMENTS!!! (Disney+ Series, Kit Harington, Black Panther 2, etc…)

  1. Thanks for tuning in, Reject Nation! Which announcement has you the most excited & why?!
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  2. Mia khalifa would make a great ms marvel

  3. What if Tony Stark was Spider-Man

  4. jason lara says:

    1:45 white panther, I can already see it.

  5. We need all of the comic relief characters in the mcu whee it's a sitcom and they all love in an apartment.

  6. Ros Kahuna says:

    Top 5 for me was 1. Kit Harington as Black Knight 2. Anything about She Hulk 3. Gemma Chan as Sersei 4. Moon Knight and 5. Tom Holland sticking with Spider Man whatever studio. Special shout out to the Mandalorian trailer.

  7. I keep having to remind people that this is Disney+ we are talking about.

    She-Hulk WILL NOT be the super sexy hot Jennifer we know in the comics. Her sexuality will be dumbed down tremendously. And expect an actress to be chosen with no curves.

  8. The Russos really took the shit on hulks character

  9. dan tan says:

    Do people on earth even know who captain marvel is?

  10. kid n'play says:

    Do a Bombshell teaser reaction, pleeeeeeeasseee!

  11. Mr. Krispy says:

    You should react to Chris Stuckmann’s 10 Year Video

  12. Gary Dodd says:

    Hey guys, luv the show, u forgot Sharon Carter though in Falcon and Winter Soldier, i hope Bucky and Sam are like we are sorry about ur ex Cap going back in time to marry ur Aunty, that kind of sucks, Awkward bro!?

  13. E B says:

    Starlord's mom was also a girl in captain america: the first avenger.

  14. Killmonger says:

    So we just gonna IGNORE spiderman existence in MCU because they didn't make a deal. All those 5 movies for nothing well FUCK SONY SELFISH AS ALWAYS.

  15. Great video as always guys, super excited for most of these projects. Also, I think you should react to the trailer for the Movie 'Bombshell'. It was so simple yet it made me feel really tense

  16. Well, now the wandavision name makes sense lol

  17. David J says:

    Don't know if anyone posted this, but Gemma Chan's charater Minn-Erva died in Captain Marvel in the dog fight with Maria Rambeau.

  18. Helen Line says:

    Ms marvel looks goofy as hell

  19. Minerva is Gema Chan's character in CapMarv. She was killed in Captain Marvel, in the dog fight sequence, at the end. By Maria Rambeu when she was escaping the orbiting research ship with the Kree & Fury. Now onto Eternals this is a big role. She's one of three main leads in this film. Ikarus (Rob Stark) Sprite (the young girl) & Sersi (her character). I won't spoil it. But there's your 3 main players & story view points.. For the (Falcon/Winter soldier) series. U.S Agent is basicly (MAGA Cap) so now caps essentially off the board. Some unsavory people in the US Government want to fill the void. Enter racist Replacement.. This is actually a pretty genius way to provide conflict by having an unsavory guy wearing the red, white & blue. Forcing Sam Wilson to reclaim the title & bring respect to it again… pretty topical huh!?!

  20. Can you PLEASE react to the official Disney+ trailer? It is just so phenomenally edited. It made me cry dammit lol

  21. Deepack says:

    Waitin' for the arrival of Marvel's batman……..moon knight??

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