16008 Crash Team Racing: BACK N. TIME TRAILER + NEW SCREENSHOTS!!!


We just got the new opening trailer for Crash team Racing Nitro fueled for the next upcoming grand prix! The next one is called Back N. Time! Hope you enjoy!!

Special thanks to Channel Juku for providing the images and intro! Check them out here!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmrbA-J3BhWWjUpEdiivo5A/videos

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37 reviews - Crash Team Racing: BACK N. TIME TRAILER + NEW SCREENSHOTS!!!

  1. The track looks amazing! I can't wait for the Grand Prix to start!

  2. I am a big Jurassic Park/Dinosaur fan. I love this grand prix! Cant wait to get Baby T

  3. So we’re just getting the baby characters how cute and how stupid are people get a shit and I love baby coco and baby crash unlike fucking people or should I say like some dumbass people because some of you not a fan of crash babies characters wow how rude ? of you all just wow ? and you will see Komodo moe don’t worry bout him and same with dr brio and Nina and soon they all get it to be playable soon and now soon come on you just worry bout them to much and they said bout the pit shop which means I don’t think it is them or a new character challenge and That’s all for now good for you all dumb people hating on babies characters I love them and you should be nice good day ?

  4. Baby T. will be my new main.

  5. ONYX Frans says:

    4 days and I’ll have it all XD

  6. i like the dinosaurs the most.

  7. Mr_HugZz says:

    Now just imagine if I could get all my time trials and everything back without having to do everything all fucking over again

    Like wtf

  8. Crash's "Mad Scientist" and "Baby" skins were from Crash Tag Team Racing. The only difference was that in CTTR the 'Baby' skin was just Crash in a diaper. Beenox, Activision, and others actually made him a baby now & I love it. The Nostalginator(the kart with the eyelashes) & the Probulot 2000(the kart that looks like the Delorean Time Machine) were also from CTTR. Both of them look more colorful and lively in CTR:N-F than they did in CTTR.

  9. I need the summer skins and N.trance.

  10. Crash looks cute. Coco looks ugly.

  11. There should be a Sly Cooper DLC!

  12. GoldLeo 3E says:

    Baby T is… Vegan?

  13. i love the delorean style kart im a huge back to the future fan

  14. Talk about the microtransactions

  15. Just hope you don't have to unlock N. Tropy in order to get the chance to buy the skin.

  16. Honestly, better than the last one I never completed the last one because I didn’t want the last skin for Tawna but I think I’ll finish this one

  17. poopikins says:

    Were the Babies in the main games? I hate babies in racing games

  18. Baby Crash is adorable! But no baby N Gin?

  19. Bob says:

    Oh no, why do I have feeling we will have to purchase Nitro Fueled soon for real money!

  20. Except for Baby T, I'm not a fan of baby characters.

  21. Tyro Clint says:

    Baby crash even has his leather gloves ? cute!!

  22. ok

    1: i'm OK with micro-transactions because the offline coins are bullshit, IT'S OPTIONAL, the rate i'm earning them is horrible because i keep getting my ass kicked by getting set in games with people that have unlocked n.thropy AND are almost overlapping me (even though i'm trying my hardest) and it doesn't effect the game

    2: i dont know why racing games need baby characters seriously fuck that off

    3: that new ripper roo skin is awesome and i'm definitely getting it

    and 4: YEAH FUCKING NINA!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Not gonna lie, I was expecting Mad Scientist Ripper to more closely resemble his Crash 2 look. I mean, he DOES have a doctorate, but it's just a little head scratching to have both him and Crash take on the Doc Brown look. But I'm not complaining: I heavily appreciate having a skin on my favorite racer give a Nitro boost.

  24. M Gene says:

    Love this game

  25. Blake V says:

    The video of the track is on google if you look it up

  26. So that Motorsport Tawna skin, is that gonna be in the Pit Stop now?

  27. OMG does baby coco look so cute?

  28. Bryan Bay says:

    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot
    I want Ara bandicoot

  29. cAnaDiAn gUy Eh o.0

  30. So I guess ee can't fully trust those data mines, eh?

  31. Oh ffs, I've been playing CTR since release day and I'm totally burnt out. I was hoping for a break and the next grand prix not being for a month or two. August 2nd.. ugh.

  32. Stew's face will likely be meme'd.


  33. On the one hand sad that it will take quiet some time till we get Nina Cortex and N.brio… on the other side: OH MY GOSH! THEY ARE SOOOOOOOOOOO FREAKIN ADORABLE! <3 X3

  34. Darkja says:

    Microtransactions confirmed, no wonder the Wumpa Coin prizes are trash and the prices in the Pit Stop are high… of course.

  35. Aren't you going to mention the post-launch inclusion of microtransactions?

  36. SuperZora says:

    Dammit now I'll have to grind for the new champion kart decal

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