33287 Classic Love Songs 80's

Classic Love Songs 80's

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40 article reviews Classic Love Songs 80's

  1. Eralynne Mae Delos Santos

    Thanks for sharing this Parr8 TV. I remember Papa jack when he was still in Love Radio with these songs.

  2. mommie kitTv

    sarap pakinggan…

  3. Dezere Tillada

    I miss my h.s days.. Old memories never fade..❤❤🧡🧡😘

  4. An Mie Baldado

    The best ever 80s love songs…

  5. JM Orbe

    I like all the songs you have collected….thanks for sharing

  6. milanie cabatic

    you make my eyes tears love you Dj…..Lots of LOVE GOD BLESS US……

  7. Love Songs Collection

    I miss the names of the songs and I would like that the descrition had a playlist for select the songs that I like more.

  8. Robelle Red Ko

    I just hope its downloadable😊

  9. Eliza Paldo

    I really love it! its relaxing☺

  10. Evanne Lauriza Lanon

    ang ganda lahat

  11. Dos Lebriana ll


  12. christopher vinas

    Relaxing music old love song collection

  13. Armando Canton

    Ang sarap pakinggan parang nagbalik ang nakaran salamat

  14. L'j Maata

    God bless us all

  15. Princess Villarmia

    My sad and happy past will be remembering thrue the songs im heard this classic love songs

  16. Haru Haru

    i lost my dad during father's day, now my mom is crying bcs i played this playlist, these are their favorite songs



  18. Arnel Gania

    Enjoying this very much!!! Just move on and put that smile back on your face remembering the past… Life is still worth living!

  19. Maricor Gonzales

    Love this all…80's music..it reminds me those good old days…

  20. Channy Jaballa

    I play this every night. I love it sooo much

  21. Marilou Lapuz

    Wow love all this songs

  22. Luis Padilla

    Rufina, we all are experiencing the same journey as you… What is TRUTH is there is no music and lyrics like the ones we enjoy in the 80's. NOTHING LIKE THIS…EVER!


    Sad and happy remembering the past. But you cannot change the facts that we are not getting any younger and you have to be strong to face the future where you have to feel alone sometimes.

  24. Mary Gail Aquino

    Time flies parang kelan lng teenager p ako sa mga songs nato ngaun meron n akong dalaga😊

  25. Laurace Bonete

    I came here because of my parents. These songs reminds their time back then and they missed it.

  26. Regalado Castro

    Thanks for old love 💕 songs…. amazing!

  27. Misael Fernandez

    Throwback time thank you sir

  28. Paul Baikaranabyo

    That's was music before the devil became the music producer

  29. Jun Nayra

    The songs are nice..just like songs from the 80s

  30. Rufina Resultay

    i'm back from fhe past when life is smooth sailing and just crushes hahaha, and now that i already had grand children, its so nice to heared old love songs, thank you so much☺️☺️☺️

  31. CrRWz

    564rPa…missing you 😎

  32. Lilian Amasula

    WOW thank u sa apload tagal ko ng hinahanap itong mga kanta nato

  33. Mightie GaminG Tv


  34. Adnaloy623

    Suddenly remember my high school days…

  35. Jaira Ellie A.D.

    Great song compilation, classic love songs are the best.

  36. Gloria Macaroncio

    it brings me back to the past… remembering the person. who caused my heartaches, broke my heart..the love and the sweetness..it somehow make me smile 😊

  37. Ma. Yvette Recomono

    Batang 80s here! 🙂

  38. Juanfranco Dino

    2021 still.listening this classics old songs from the 80's…thumbs up nman jn.sa mga nkkinig sa mga gnitong timeless classics songs…

  39. Cyn Chang

    Thank you for downloading this songs. Love listening to the 80's classic love song.

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