CLAPTRAP FALLS IN LOVE?! Fortnite Borderlands! *SEASON X* (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Borderlands is here in Fortnite with the new Fortnite Borderlands crossover. Today Claptrap finds love. A little robot missing his eye named Claptrap falls in love with Tsuki.

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23 reviews - CLAPTRAP FALLS IN LOVE?! Fortnite Borderlands! *SEASON X* (A Fortnite Short Film)

  1. Remember when Calamity was a werewolf

  2. Anime girl with yandere mmmmhm yup that ayano from yandere simulator

  3. Batā Okami says:

    WAIT?! NANI?!

  4. Tsuki: oma ewa mo shindaeiru!!

    Psycho: Nani?!?!?!?

  5. Lucas Pelayo says:

    I love the omae mo shinderu, Nani!!! part.

  6. And also Aladdin reference lol

  7. I was watching this video and tasuki was in my game and she's in the video too,logic right?

  8. Drift fall in love with ? allraedy

  9. MarkBonanno says:

    They used the propomatic for claptrap

  10. omiou shindau
    dragon ball z dude: (speaks Spanish instead) hey que son mis lineas (hey that's my lines)

  11. Adem T says:


  12. Im selling free time stamps!

  13. Omayua shindeu! NANI!

  14. Finnaly rox and sing-u-frickin-larity!

  15. M0nkman says:

    Stupid rox skin

  16. RayZorLim says:

    Why is rox’s voice so high pitched

  17. Shark Leaks says:

    Newscapepro finally uses motion blur in action scenes

  18. 4:40 OMG You guys are the best…… that just made my day

  19. Ikonik says:

    Tsuki: Omae wo mou shindairu!!

    The Sycho: NANI!
    NewScapePro keep adding more memes into your videos plz. In my opinion it would make it funnier

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