21773 Chaappal | ചാപ്പൽ | Malayalam Short Film 2019 | Swathy Bros Entertainment | Swathy Kiran | 2K

Chaappal | ചാപ്പൽ | Malayalam Short Film 2019 | Swathy Bros Entertainment | Swathy Kiran | 2K

Presenting you Malayalam Short Film #Chappal Directed by Swathy Kiran

Story, DOP & Direction : Swathy Kiran
Screenplay & Dialogues : Amal Panchu
Editing & DI Colourist : Nandu Saseendran
Background Music : Anand MK
Co-Director : Swathy Kamal
Chief Associate : Jayesh Sukumar
Associate Directors : Aswin T Mohan , Naveen S Pullazhathil
Production Controller : Suncy Varghese
Associate Cinematography : Anandu Ramesh , Jijeesh M Prabhakaran
Assistants : Joyal George, Sayuj Satheendran , Dani P Raju , Alvin Simon
Sync Sound : 12th Fret Studio
Sound Mixing : Sinju Sree
Substitles : Krishnendu
Poster Design : Asish Ravindran , Aneesh Swathi
Distribution : Good Will Entertainments
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34 reviews - Chaappal | ചാപ്പൽ | Malayalam Short Film 2019 | Swathy Bros Entertainment | Swathy Kiran | 2K

  1. Adipoli..,??? Actor ?Amal ?? Kalakkiyeda? Good work and All the Best FoR Your Further Projects..??

  2. Alwin simon powlichu kurachu koodi add cheyyam ayirunnu

  3. Nyz aayittonddtta ???

  4. Really nice short film, sound effects are awesome and video editing is really good. The actors shows natural acting

  5. All the best brooiiiii

  6. Swathy bro aduth filminu vendi katta waiting

  7. మీరు ఆరంభం ని చాల లేట్ చేసారు….2:50 నిమిషాల అదే ఉంది కాఅని.బాగుంది గుడ్

  8. ବହୁତ ଭଲ ଲାଗିଲା।

  9. Ankita Das says:

    Baah, borhiya hoise! Emaan moja! ????

  10. Njngade channel onnu subscribe cheyyaavooo… Plzzz.. kuttikale onnu prolsaahippikkaamo..

  11. Woah! Great effort swathy machans ?concept,dop especially direction??? loved it… music cheytha I think Anand inu oru valiya salute!

  12. 2.5 minutes credits avaishanundayirunno….but chila shirt film fest tym limit inu ithu upayoogham akum thts alll…. Uuhikkan patunna climax aayirunnu…but ithu oru Web series intte aadhyathe episode aayittu yedukkam……polikkum
    Anyways nalla attempt ..DOP nice…chaappal yenulla title design chaithathu adipoly…..all the best bros..hope for more..

    And thanks for showing some parts of CMS College…3 years njan avaide padichathintte nostalgia purathu vannu

  13. A guy I knew is in this short film ….so I couldn't entirely focus on the short film …i was only seeing him??? Amal moneeeee neee polichu broo…I pray to God that u get more challenging projects????

  14. Swathymon poliyeee

  15. Indiayile second college Ann CMS

  16. Great effort ?? Adipwoli❤

  17. Macha vere level ?

  18. Ma clgl… Makkale powlich adukkittund ktoo.. Next… Katta waiting ✌

  19. Editing, cinematography adipoliii


  21. First two and half minute of this film is used up for opening credits. This is followed by poor quality out sync dialogue audio which sounds like it was recorded on mobile phone. Unnecessary and bad music from beginning to end. Very weak story and screenplay with extremely bad acting and bad direction. All together a very amateur film.

  22. im Zafir says:

    Adi kapyare njngalum kbdatha

  23. Amazing . ?പോളിയേ ……കിടുവെ …….. Hats of to the whole team????

  24. Da pillere pwoLichudaa… ??? Good work.. ?

  25. githin raj says:

    അടിപൊളി സ്വാതി ബ്രോസ് ❤️??

  26. cuttimani says:

    Came here after santhoshsivan tweet.

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