1798 CGI Animated Short Film: "Maca & Roni - Super Fridge" by Kyungmin Woo | CGMeetup

CGI Animated Short Film: "Maca & Roni – Super Fridge" by Kyungmin Woo | CGMeetup

CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Maca & Roni Super Fridge Animated Short Film by Kyungmin Woo at Brickstudio. Featured on CGMeetup https://www.cgmeetup.com/

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Maca & Roni – Super Fridge https://youtu.be/qiHWBwRXtM4
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In the laboratory of Dr. Albert, a genius inventor,
there are tons of crazy inventions awaiting to be used.
And his two clumsy assistants, MACA and RONI,
sneak into Albert’s machines to fulfill their curiosity.

Maca & Roni – Super Fridge Short Film by Kyungmin Woo

Credit :
Production: Brickstudio (South Korea)
Witten and Directed by : Kyungmin Woo
Storyboad: Minhyeong Jeong, Dongjin Kim
Previsualization & Animator : Solah kim, Minhyeong Jeong
Character design: Kyungmin Woo
Concept Art: myung-ju Kim
Modeling, Texturing: myung-ju Kim
Lighting, Rendering: Euna Jeoung, Myung-ju Kim

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CGI Animated Short Film: “Maca & Roni – Super Fridge” by Kyungmin Woo | CGMeetup


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46 reviews - CGI Animated Short Film: "Maca & Roni – Super Fridge" by Kyungmin Woo | CGMeetup

  1. if they hot why they have to were coat??

  2. Don’t play with fridges kids, play with candles

  3. These characters are adorable and funny at the same time

  4. Skull Sixx says:

    That noise is weird

  5. jr reyes says:

    macaroni hhhhhhhhh panget nilav

  6. maca + Roni = macaroni

  7. 0:24 the ice just turned into water

  8. 27 how did the water not come out of his cup

  9. 총체적 난국이고만…

  10. Wait, maca and roni. Macaroni. Clever

  11. Pro ??? says:

    That is good

  12. When mom and dad gone they be like

    Read more

  13. wait a minute in 1:14 it's a mistake a fire that freeze!!! wtf!?!?!

  14. wait a minute in 1:14 it's a mistake a fire that freeze!!! wtf!?!?!

  15. That's not how fire works

  16. Well,this is the last episode.We had a good run

  17. Willy Bun says:

    Come on, more episodes please ..

  18. 드라군 says:


  19. Make moreeeeeeee

  20. 슈퍼 냉장고

  21. Its always Roni who causes the problems making this animation more funny


  23. This is the most hilarious thing ever seen ?? ??

  24. Maca is my fav. Cause "na na na!? X

  25. 1:30 corriendo para las olimpiadas del 2014!

  26. its Japanese


  27. WuzNab says:

    I like it when they say


  28. 글댓 says:

    0:36초 슈퍼냉장고

  29. He had was rad?

  30. solo yolo says:

    wow its a cat in? SPACE!?

  31. Make the first seadon mu siblings love this

  32. But… But…

    Your entire story premise is fatally flawed; macaroni gets so soggy, and soft after freezing, your characters would not be able to continue, and, undoubtedly, will be added to the day's soup.

  33. Por qué estoy aquí ? ???

  34. 심영심 says:

    뭐야 이거 미국 인이보는건주 알앗는대 한국 말이들이내

  35. The clipart for the video tho

  36. Ship name:

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