Captain Marvel Concept Art Reveals Kree Sentries, Evil Nick Fury, and MORE

A new batch of concept art from Captain Marvel has surfaced online, and it shows off very early designs and sequences for the film that we never saw.

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25 reviews - Captain Marvel Concept Art Reveals Kree Sentries, Evil Nick Fury, and MORE

  1. Alex Allen says:

    Nice video and it looks interesting ??

  2. This mov e could’ve been great but it ended being bad well that’s my opinion

  3. Why did they scratch these interesting concepts?

  4. It seems like super villain Karl Danvers's attacking an innocent people who just barely touched her newspaper.

  5. It sucks that the avengers won't see all this new crazy, scary, cool shit

  6. Josh Flores says:

    Dude where is this from it looks amazing

  7. Silver Surfer, please show up to the MCU

  8. That pic of Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury is hilarious he looks like the character from pulp fiction lol ?……..mother fucker lol ?

  9. Would’ve liked for Nick Fury to loose his eye cuz of carol???

    “Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye”

  10. Ace D. says:

    i just hope that they get new directors. this ones were amateurs and it showed. this product would have expected in a phase 1 movie, but we expected much more. theres even a scene in the first act where you cant see anything due to the smoke. so badly made. hopefully they find their ryan coogler for the captain marvel sequel

  11. 2012XF3 says:

    Theres no point in this movie or sequels if shes that overpowered..

  12. Please do some more explanatory on the monsters in the new Godzilla.

  13. I’m Here says:

    Was wondering why Hasbro had a kree sentry BAF

  14. DON STRONG says:

    I agree completely that they should've had that for her to be less op

  15. Trolls: tHeY hAd NiCk ClEaNinG DiShEs

  16. Evil Fury says motherf*cker and the “N” word to neutralize those that stand in his way.

  17. Fisher Theo says:

    No One cares about this shyt.

  18. Emmet Duffy says:

    I would say that it was a Skrull disguised as Nick Fury and not the real one

  19. anime fan says:

    That would have been better there's no point in the movie she left right after getting her memory

  20. Pulp Fury. Nice!

  21. OldSchool says:

    Captain Marvel acts more like a villain not a hero. All of the other characters who took the name were way more heroic then her including Shazam.

  22. B Heph says:

    This reminds me of why I didnt care for Captain Marvel, it wasnt that it was a bad movie as much as there was WAY TOO MUCH non-action in it, for it to be about Captain Marvel, who is 1 of the strongest characters in Marvel period…. There was not enough battling to which we see Cap'n Marvel doin her thing… Brie Larson was a good pick for the character, BUT, when you see all this possible deleted material, its like "well damn, yall should had all that dope shit in the movie!". Like was there a "Snyder Cut" of the Cap'n Marvel somewhere on the studio floors at MCU Studios? Ijs…. lemme see that version, where she kickin ass, and I see some of Nick Fury kickin ass!!! Not all soft and gooey over a damn cat! A damn alien cat at that!!!!!

  23. I hope I will like cap marvel 2. Cause the first one left me disappointed. But I did love seeing her in endgame

  24. David S says:

    I don't think from that photo that it was Captain Marvel fighting Nick Fury. It could just have been a composite shot of the two characters fighting in battles.

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