27641 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Official - Season One Trailer

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Official – Season One Trailer

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The biggest drop of free content in Call of Duty history. Iconic maps like Crash make their return, as completely new maps are introduced. New weapons are available for your Gunsmith grinding to use across a sweep of new modes and Special Ops experiences.

Season One begins December 3rd on all platforms.

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46 article reviews Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Official – Season One Trailer

  1. Cage Smith

    Plz make it where we can have more loadouts

  2. thug owl

    Looking forward to the dlc

  3. D-Dog1125

    As long as I can use the new weapons offline, I’ll be happy.

  4. Roberto Montano

    Free for all … Call of duty veterans are coming back 💯

  5. T Wes

    BROOO fr fr enough with the female characters. The other one's nice tho. Also no emo characters. Console players aren't cringe af like that. Tbh give us some zero dark thirty looking mfs and I'll buy on sight

  6. Abdul-latiff Shamroukh

    You should really try to fix the special operations mission paladin. It's almost impossible to win with random players

  7. Mitsukuni Senpai

    What's the point of holding content that should have launched with the game only to call it 'free content and release it' a month later? Have we just been playing an unfinished beta then??

  8. Mr Gonzalez

    Forget Everything Else!

    ALEX Z. Aka Mara Tho 🥵 💕 😍 🤤 😏 💪


    Free map pack & old guns that aren’t in random boxes 🤣historical

  10. habie147

    So your saying I will have more stuff to put on my youtube channel tomorrow? Thanks Activision.

  11. Kuzna22

    But is it free though?

  12. a random chris

    I can't believe its tomorrow

  13. Ryan Gallagher

    Will the weapons be unlocked in the “battle pass” or do we just get them ?

  14. Jan carlos ORTIZ DE JESUS

    Por favor saquen un update para el idioma español

  15. Gold Zubs

    How much?!

  16. Manuel Vit

    Please ad m9 beretta, m16, mpx, m60 and other weapons, maps and zombie mode! And classic modern warfare special ops like mw2 and mw3!

  17. Zephyrdox

    Anyone know who the new operator is with the mask??

  18. I’m a huge faggot and a retard and kiss boys but

    I miss the USMC

  19. homie dubs

    COD fans:……and the footsteps?

  20. Ya_Boi_ Stealth

    So anyone know how we unlock the other operator they were showcasing in the trailer?

  21. Israel Crawford

    Cod community : complains about prices
    Activtion: free dlc
    Cod community : complains about something else

  22. Tomas Hurrell

    My body is ready

  23. Net YT

    That 762 dislikes are just haters!

  24. Jorge Navarro

    Did i just read correctly? FREE? Wow thats beyond rare. I guess the ceo kotick is not being the grinch for christmas this year.

  25. Michael M.

    You can see port from the farm map on ground war

  26. Jin Kazama

    Why is there like 5-6 black operators and hardly any other minority lol. Why can't we create our own characters or avatar?


    Finally free… Would love to see MODERN WARFARE 2 Maps like Favela, Wasteland, Terminal, Highrise and Skidrow

  28. Austin Wild

    Better make splitscreen for Special Ops or I’m finna rage!

  29. Jordan Fire Star

    Could use without feminist propaganda but I’m hyped

    Oh and remove SBMM

  30. Carlos J,O

    New skins?

  31. Bobby Riesco

    Can us Xbox players just wait a week for content instead so we can have Survival Mode already instead of waiting an entire year for that "1% of the game" that's actually a lot of fun?
    I'm not really enjoying Special Ops too much.

  32. Spooky Pickles

    They say its gonna be a free and premium battlepass so we have tk pay fr it

  33. Colin 4002

    Not a single soul:
    Call of duty: 2v2 gun fight

  34. Indy ramadhan

    I hope you live long enough to see yourself become a hero, Activision.

  35. daniel

    kinda scared to hop into online cod again

  36. J SanJuan

    Fix the Special Ops…

  37. Evan Y

    Hmmm, did special ops get fixed though??

  38. BeastFromThEast


  39. Faked Danny

    I don't get why they emphasize a new character model? They all do nothing. Should've just used resources from ghosts and AW so I could fully customize EVERY part of my character. HOW TF DO I GET A WATCH EXCEPT BUYING TOTINOS PIZZA ROLLS

  40. Alec

    when u have to buy the battle pass but its free for all players to view

  41. Atticus Nari

    Hype for tomorrow!

    What about that SBMM though?

  42. maleke richmond

    I hope it's not a disappointment

  43. kismon collie

    Infected please 🔥🔥🔥

  44. RustMongos

    What time does it drop EST?

  45. Adolph Garcia

    Hope to see new operators season one

  46. JoBO U-RITE

    I can finally prove my dad that something are free

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