45892 By The Sea  [Official Music Video]

By The Sea [Official Music Video]

Official music video for the single “By The Sea”

Starring: Ivan Carlo
Director: The ocn
Director and Producer: Lily Chang
Director of Photography and Editor: Nyakio Njage (Youtube channel: Omnidiscord)
Drone Operator: Joel Clayton

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Apple Music/itunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/by-the-sea-single/1469634297

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Distance In View
Mountains getting higher
Eye’s getting tired
Out window blue

What life comes to
No one lifts you higher
No one here inspires
It’s all up to you

When you’re lost
You can’t be

At times it hurts
At times it burns
And all this seems
Nothing worth being
But then those tears
Oh yes they dried
Cause you remembered
Your heart and mind
And in this world
Filled with so wrong
You get to live
By The Sea
By The Sea
By The Sea

Music and lyrics by The ocn
© 2019 The ocn

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