Breakdown of EVERYTHING in MARVEL PHASE 4 | Marvel comic con 2019 explained

If you want to know more about everything that happened this year in MARVEL Studios Comic Con Panel, introducing Phase 4, watch this video because it runs through every movie such as: Black Widow, Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness, The Eternals, Shang Chi, Wanda Vision, Thor Love and Thunder, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, What If, blade, fantastic 4, mutants and Hawkeye.

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26 reviews - Breakdown of EVERYTHING in MARVEL PHASE 4 | Marvel comic con 2019 explained

  1. Kayla Agnia says:


  2. I love how we see your are passionate about making video compare to other new youtuber ?

  3. What a MARVELOUS video

  4. Ethan Carlos says:

    Dude please notice me! Also your content animation is so bad its good!

  5. DariaB. says:

    you need so much more views and subscribers dude your content is amazing

  6. I am sad that your pewdiepie animations are the only videos blowing up at the moment, your channel is a hidden gem.

  7. top 3 memes says:

    Hey, I'm learning how to make vids like you so I can be successful 🙂

  8. Tiburon says:

    Idk, this stuff needs like, hmmm. 50000 views minimum. I'm so suirprised to se that got 278 views. I wish u luck in the future!

  9. Hazooey says:

    Hi I subbed 🙂

  10. How don't you have more subsicribers?

  11. Bengt says:

    The fact that you don’t have more subs is devastating.

  12. RuleN FaiL says:

    Here before this channel blows off …

  13. VeXo says:

    Your videos are epic af


  15. Randumbo says:

    You need even more subscribers.

    E V E N M O R E

  16. hey you make a good videos
    you should have more subs 🙂

  17. HamiClash says:

    This edited very well and deserves more attention! Good Job;)

  18. Lyra Mack says:

    Wanda and vision me ship

  19. imluigi says:

    Isn’t there a marvel movie where there will be a LGBT person

  20. imluigi says:


  21. I'm not super into marvel but somehow this vid captured and kept my attention and now know everything I need to to be a cultured individual. 10/10 would recommend

  22. Laser Stream says:

    Now thats a video… right?

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