45930 Bethel Music - It Is Well (Instrumental)

Bethel Music – It Is Well (Instrumental)

Bethel Music is a group of musicians connected with Bethel Church in Redding, CA (you know, Kim Walker-Smith’s church.) They recently released an album called “Without Words: Synesthesia”, which contains instrumental versions of some of their songs. Interesting idea, beautiful stuff. A couple of months ago I made a YouTube video for the song “It Is Well” (sung by Kristene DiMarco). Here is a video I made for the instrumental version of the song. Very pretty.

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17 reviews - Bethel Music – It Is Well (Instrumental)

  1. Daniel Lee says:

    This music has been taken place in New Hope Church at online sunday service.

  2. Love so deep
    Pierces my soul
    I was at His feet
    He made me whole
    Theres no depth
    To His love
    God shared His secrets
    From heaven above
    A place where i will go
    One day to be with you
    Lord I want you to know
    How much I miss you

  3. God bless you as you worship Him in all His glory and beauty. He has shown His great mercies through Jesus Christ His Son towards you.

  4. CelesteP, you asked for a version of this video without the water sounds. I can't find your comment anymore. Anyway, someone else asked for that last year and I did it. Here is a link where you can download it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/grtozqlkqb78etq/It_Is_Well_-_Instrumental_%28No_Water%29.mp4

  5. i love this song. the instrumental is great 🙂 was thinking to take this music for paper marriage 🙂

  6. hey Bob MarshallI am currently working on a promo video for a youth website going live very soon and I would love to use this track? all credit will be given to yourself if that is ok 🙂

  7. Thank you Bob Marshall…this is really wonderful to see and listen to.

  8. Where does your track start ?

  9. Gloria, I appreciate your comment about my inclusion of the water sound effects. However, my feelings were not "hurt" by the poster who criticized them. I appreciate her input, and while I don't agree with what she had to say, I respect her right to express her opinion. And I appreciate that I have the opporutnity to respond and defend myself. It's all good.

  10. i think the water sound is very peaceful and calming. no one should say iy sounds terrible. thats just wrong. people can make videos however theu want. and people shoudnt comment such neggetive and rude things about it. you could hurt someones feelings. now keep your thoughts to yourself. if you dont have anything good to say, dont say anything at all.

  11. It's beautiful!

  12. This is PERFECT except for the water sound. You'd get so many more views if you took that awful sound effect out because churches could use it as a track for their singers. As it stands, it is unusable for this purpose.

  13. "It Is Well"

    Grander earth has quaked before
    Moved by the sound of His voice
    Seas that are shaken and stirred
    Can be calmed and broken for my regard

    Through it all, through it all
    My eyes are on You
    Through it all, through it all
    It is well

    Through it all, through it all
    My eyes are on You
    It is well with me

    Far be it from me to not believe
    Even when my eyes can't see

    And this mountain that's in front of me
    Will be thrown into the midst of the sea

    Through it all, through it all
    My eyes are on You
    Through it all, through it all
    It is well

    So let go my soul and trust in Him
    The waves and wind still know His name [repeat last line during 3rd run]

    It is well with my soul
    It is well with my soul
    It is well with my soul
    It is well with my soul
    [repeat 3x]

    It is well it is well with my soul [x3]
    ahhhhhhh (softly)

    Through it all, through it all
    My eyes are on You Lord
    Through it all, through it all
    It is well with me.

  14. Thank you for creating and sharing this wonderful video, Bob.
    May it minister to many hearts.

  15. Exactly what I needed thank you so much god bless!

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