38352 Benjai | Phenomenal (Official Music Video)

Benjai | Phenomenal (Official Music Video)

Management & Bookings – socabookings.com
Benjai published by C2W Music / Soca Bookings

Directed by MILCvision
Cinematography by MILCvision
Videography by MILCvision and Derek Brin
Edited by MILCvision
Drone aerial shots by SkyToEye (www.skytoeye.com)
Production by MILCvision

Original Music Produced by Advokit Productions
Dance Remix by Monsta Riot

Casting by MIJE -Jean Johnny Findlay

Shot on location in St.Vincent and The Grenadines

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28 reviews - Benjai | Phenomenal (Official Music Video)

  1. Lina. P says:

    Hea hea ??????

  2. Diana G says:

    I named this my happy song. I'm so in love with it

  3. Angel Lee says:

    My theme song

  4. Carribbean woman stand up and guys we partying sun or rain yay

  5. Love this song so much

  6. Kat says:

    Finest man around. Come tour my country!

  7. i still love this <3

  8. eminem brought me here

  9. Jayvonlae says:


  10. Is it me alone who listens to this song over 20 times

  11. Sauceboss says:

    Vybs in st kitts is where I get my powa from this song !!!!

  12. TusKer says:

    Enjoy life ❤

  13. I like the song….i m phenomenal…

  14. The best song made to this trythm! Wonderful.

  15. I love this song

  16. I came here for this song like a normal person.

  17. who ever dont like this song they are haters

  18. Freedom says:

    who listening this song in 2017?? big tune

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