Bale Kemis New Ethiopian Movie 2019

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37 reviews - Bale Kemis New Ethiopian Movie 2019

  1. ፍቅር የሌለበት ትዳር ደባባባባባባሪሪሪሪሪሪ

  2. ወይ እሴት ወየ እሴት ሀሀሀሀሀሀሀሀሀ

  3. Alam Danam says:

    አደኛ ነኝ እኮን ለአድሡ አመት በሠላም አደረሣቺሁ

  4. Rich Rich says:

    Sitas teluh bala kemis bilachu lela film hooo

  5. Arif film new gin commentu yetale?

  6. አር ኮመተሮች የት ገባችሁ?

  7. raju ibrahim says:

    Cool film new temchitognale

  8. Dagi Mickey says:

    Please subscribe my channel thank you

  9. sew Sew says:

    To be honest it's bad movie the story,acting I don't like anything from this movie

  10. Daniel Abera says:

    Great job. Yalacha gabcha bihon

  11. i am from eritrean but I like ethiopan movie

  12. Alazar A says:

    That girl is soo beautiful gosh where can I find that girl

  13. Barak Kassa says:

    Damnm Mannnnnn it’s so sad I swear ? ??

  14. ሰለም ሰብስክራብ አድራጌለው ወዳኔም ብቅ በሉ

  15. Sami Yowhans says:

    Arif new gen enat malt ager nat lek new
    Gen be arogi abat ager yetmerach endet arga ager tedeg :: selzi mengedu lekek lewetat ::

  16. Selam Et says:

    ቆንጆ ነው ግን ደሞ ትዳር ያለ ፍቅር በቁም መሞት ነው እግዚአብሔር ፍቅር ያድለን አሜን አሜን አሜን❤❤❤???

  17. coco crazy says:

    Click bait much!!

  18. bekerbu ethiopia film tesyew yehonal

  19. ገባገባ በሉ አዲስ ፊልም ነዉ

  20. አድስነውመሰል እንሹፈው

  21. Des mil film new

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