6289 Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs and Secret Code Breakdown

Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs and Secret Code Breakdown

Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs Explained. Marvel Phase 4 X-Men, Comics, Captain America and Iron Man Avengers Endgame Ending ► https://bit.ly/AwesomeSubscribe
Captain America Avengers Phase 4 Future Plans ► http://bit.ly/2MJmAP0
Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 – Multiverse Scene ► http://bit.ly/2YivKTu
Emergency Awesome 2017 Hype Trailer ► https://bit.ly/2iD2GVL

Covering New Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser, Mystery Marvel Messages, Secret Documents, X-Men, Captain America and Weapon X Program. Hugh Jackman Wolverine, Kevin Feige plans and Future Marvel Movies. The Multiverse in Spider-Man Far From Home will also be very important to future Movies too.

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24 reviews - Avengers Phase 4 Wolverine Teaser Easter Eggs and Secret Code Breakdown

  1. Here's my new Marvel Teaser video for the Secret Codes they posted recently and how it relates to future Marvel Movies outside of new comic book changes they're rolling out in the next year. Lots of big changes since they got the X-Men back, so let me know where you want to see X-Men recast inside the MCU!

  2. Did they recon wolverine's history. Bc the person he ran off with was Rose. And his half brother was called dog and he wasn't sabertooth. Sabertooth and wolverine are not blood related.
    Maybe they changed it..idk

  3. I'm really interested to see how the avengers merges with x-men only because they have both handled time travel very differently.

  4. This isnt for the movies, it's for the comics.

  5. Zach Free says:

    Bro you gotta stop alluding to years n years before we see xmen. We could really well see them or wolverine in the next 2-3 years

  6. so deadpool is also a weapon

  7. Spider-Man is my favorite avenger

  8. spider-man or marvel comment

    hehe i'll win this so fast

  9. Boo, kill it already. Beating a dead wolverine, come on, Logan was awesome, let it go!

  10. DS2 says:

    Hugh Jackman is done.

  11. I feel like tom holland is the perfect guy for the spider man role

  12. Bring me far from home tickets!

  13. Mc 2008 says:

    Bro spiderman spiderman ??

  14. Jack yeaw says:

    It's for the comics idiot!!!

  15. I think people are more open to wolverine getting recast than you think. I can't wait!

  16. Dru Owen says:

    Says Wolverine was born in 1880s…

    1 minute later

    Shows Wolverine fighting in the Civil War from the 1860s…

    makes sense. lol

  17. No what opens the multiverse is the destruction of the stones, as the ancient told Banner, not the snap.

  18. I heard they want Jason Momoa but my Fav will be Kit haringthon for young Wolverine

  19. Devastator says:

    If the MCU doesn't get woke like people are saying, this will be cool. Otherwise I'm gonna guess some tranny who wants to turn the X-Men into the X-Women or the X-Theys is gonna be cast.

  20. Only actor actress from X Men/Deadpool movies I would say no way to recasting would be Ryan Reynolds as far as Wolverine goes I totally think they should recast him the only stand alone Wolverine movie that was any good was Logan redo the whole character IMO

  21. 13strong says:

    God, I hope they recast Wolverine. Nothing against Jackman but it's time for a change. Jackman is just getting too old for the role, and there's no reason why someone else couldn't do as good or a better job.

  22. Christian says:


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