16550 AVENGERS ENDGAME: Marvel Confirms MAJOR Tony Stark Infinity Gauntlet Theory

AVENGERS ENDGAME: Marvel Confirms MAJOR Tony Stark Infinity Gauntlet Theory

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29 reviews - AVENGERS ENDGAME: Marvel Confirms MAJOR Tony Stark Infinity Gauntlet Theory

  1. My favorite moment in Avengers endgame was the final battle in the end of the movie

  2. Avengers assemble

  3. Just trying to monetise on every marvel's public release. Even the obvious stuff. Disliked video.

  4. Ah Rul San says:

    My favourite moments, is when Thor met his mom back in 2013 @ Asgard.. RIP mother Freya. ☹

  5. Hell yeah bad ass.

  6. My favorite is definitely the moment Tony snaps. Literally ALL the emotions.

  7. That was pretty obvious.

  8. My fav seen is cap saying hail hydra

  9. Best scene in any marvel movie , when Capt picks up thor's hammer..love capt..

  10. Spider man and Tony hugging

  11. Fucking Tony Stark man… I mean I know he always learns from his mistakes, but this… . This is just pure badassary and intelligence at its finest.

  12. Captain merica v Captain merica is my favorite scene

  13. This is a dumbass video.

  14. OurLifeKAM says:

    When Korg asked Thor to put NoobMaster69 in his place for making fun of him.

  15. I thought it was obvious

  16. Avengers assemble

  17. I absolutely loved watching Tony learn how flawed and caring his father was in Endgame

  18. My favorite scene in endgame was when tony snapped his fingers

  19. Wasted 4 minutes of my life. Thanks a-hole

  20. Liked subbed and bell is on my favorite part of infinity war was when thor throw storm breaker at thanos and endgame was the portal scene

  21. Wasted video, when was this ever not the case?

  22. When cap says "Assemble"

  23. Gary Wang says:

    Surely, as someone with the channel name of marvelous wave, you would have had enough foresight to know this live time as the scene played out?

  24. Iron an “laying down” on the wire. Captain America once said you are not the man that will lay down on the wire, so stop acting like you are a hero!

  25. I’m the 250,000 subscriber ?

  26. don bod says:

    I thought at that point (2023) why wouldnt all stark tech be linked… Why couldnt the gauntlet fly to him at any given point? His tech from 10 years ago did this just fine

  27. My favorite scene from end game is of course when Falcon says on your left and everyone shows up

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