3340 'Avengers: Endgame' cast talks about the film's highly-anticipated debut l GMA

'Avengers: Endgame' cast talks about the film's highly-anticipated debut l GMA

With the film already expected to break box office records, the cast sits down with ABC News’ Paula Faris to discuss what fans can expect. https://gma.abc/2XDTXU3

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25 reviews - 'Avengers: Endgame' cast talks about the film's highly-anticipated debut l GMA

  1. Did Evans had highlighter on his eyes ?!! ???

  2. rahul raj says:

    Yahi hai jo marvel ko aage leke aaye

  3. Alian Ali says:

    Love u thor

  4. Yays. The OG Avengers

  5. First i didnt understand how can Evans say The end is satisfying if they havent seen The movie and dont know The entire script… But, well maybe his part was satisfying for him… Imo i didnt find it satisfying… I loved the movie, ive seen it 3 times, but dont find the end satisfying… ? Love seeing The og6 together… ❤️?

  6. Thanos left the group!?

  7. Aint gonna be the same without the complete original cast…

  8. wow ,it really went the way I wanted

  9. I love this movie

  10. L
    Love O
    Love OG
    Love O

  11. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that ScarJo said "She's so pretty" 3:09 when they were teasing Chris Hemsworth on taking more time in hair and makeup?!?

  12. 言葉はわからないが全部見た

  13. アベンジャーズseason2に期待しています?

  14. Evie Hiong says:


  15. And after this, Scarlett eats hot wings in hot ones.

  16. TheRamos says:

    GOT Actors: throws shade at the writers

    Endgame Actors: satisfied and look excited for everyone to see

  17. mark ruffalo is the most stupid hulk role in the history of marvel character. weak and idiot!

  18. Sophie says:

    "I'm the only one without them" </3

  19. DIY tricks says:

    that was not satisfying cap?

  20. Ushas U says:

    Scarlet : she is so pretttyyy….?

  21. K Breezy says:

    "Lady Hemsworth!" ??

  22. Even if all them are simply themselves, for me, they are really the "wow super hero " Avengers, specially Robert Jr., he is Iron Man ☺, that's why I cried when he died at the end.

  23. TheCoog97 says:

    Not gonna lie……I'm gonna miss the Original 6. The chemistry and affection they have for each other like brothers and sister is what made the MCU so successful these past 11 years. The whole world literally grew up with them. It's so hard to say say goodbye to yesterday. This will never or well damn be very near impossible to duplicate in the future for the MCU going forward. Looking forward to Boseman, Larson, Cumberbatch, and Holland taking the Avenger baton and running with it. Plus, Hemsworth and Ruffalo are still around. Marvel Studios and Feige have set a solid foundation. It will be interesting to see how they build upon the post-Infinity Saga and where their creativity takes them and us for the next 10 years….Thanks Original 6! Love you guys 3000! #AvengersAssemble #OG6 #A6

  24. I just love their …….acting….talent and action scenes in the movie…..They both are multitalented personalities……….lots of love from…..India………

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