Audiomachine – I Am The Shield (Netflix's "The Witcher" Trailer Music)

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An epic track from audiomachine’s latest hybrid album “Burn Point” has been used on the latest trailer of The Witcher, the new epic original series from Netflix, starring Henry Cavill. Based on the original novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Track composed by Sergiu Muresan.

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Wallpaper is promotional poster.

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46 reviews - Audiomachine – I Am The Shield (Netflix's "The Witcher" Trailer Music)

  1. I don’t think that’s the song name I can’t find it on any of their albums

  2. What’s the name of the song? Can’t find it anywhere

  3. Husa Pusa says:

    My iphone 4 listened to this…he is now iphone 6

  4. orzeh8 says:

    I can't find this on Spotify. Have you found it?

  5. David Boyle says:

    If your gonna use this in your video. Don't. It has copyright.

  6. Police 159 says:

    Could you please if possible post Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Trailer song by 2WEI feat. Aljoscha ChristenhulB (It’s not a B but it looks like it. Not sure how to change to foreign letters on my phone?)

  7. Kiki Eleazer says:

    Lol I should've known this was Audiomachine as soon as I saw the trailer

  8. is this on iTunes?????

  9. Sajvi says:

    my parrot listen to this … his now a archgriffin

  10. Von Leipzig says:

    As great as the soundtrack is I would have still preferred the medieval Slavic “LELELELELELELE” music.

  11. Junior Lopes says:

    Superman become The Witcher!

  12. I'm Sure the NetFlix TeamWork will be a Greatness job with those Legends & Strenghts. (Wise choice)

  13. Generic, bland and boring….
    Bring on Percival!

  14. SQOUREE says:

    This music doesn't fit this show

  15. For the ones that hit the dislike button, it's not the download button.

  16. Jess_10 says:

    Przebijcie muzykę z gry to pogadamy ?

  17. Damn Rhaegar Targaryen sure looks badass

  18. Why does he only have the one sword? Is he just supposed to use the silver sword against human opponents like some kinda noob?

  19. When is he gonna get the second sword

  20. This is great, thank you for posting.

  21. This is a little disappointing. One of the great things about witcher was the soundtrack, and this is just bare and weak. I didn't realize it was witcher until I checked the tab.

  22. ?? ❤ GOSTEI ❤
    Obrigada por compartilhar. ????? ( trinta e dois )

  23. Amazing song! It's like a music for a medieval man of steel.

  24. Dlight says:

    This is going to be great for the quen and igni somersault scenes.

  25. corny, completely paint-by-numbers. Somebody on Fiverr could've made this

  26. Cradical says:

    Needs more slavic vibes imo

  27. _Abka_ Lee says:

    I really like the music itself I just wish that it would have a little more of slavic vibes

  28. Audiomachine Rules

  29. Zhanki _ says:

    When does this series come out

  30. Pxo Gamer says:

    We need the slavic themes 🙁 where is the lay lay lay lay lay

  31. Birkebeiner says:

    not enough slavic touch 🙁 for the witcher
    great track though

  32. ORION 7 says:

    Awesome ???

  33. Why is he only carrying one sword?

  34. Marzena B says:

    only Percival!

  35. Ali Najim25 says:

    I Am The Shield That Guards The Realms Of Men ??

  36. Luffy Bari! says:

    this is epic <3

  37. Epic heaven music fits for shit like Infinity war or star wars

  38. I read the name of the track and I clicked liked even before clicking on Play button.. Audiomachine never fails my decision
    "I am strong, I am the Shield.. I will protect my inner-self and will not let anyone destroy it"

  39. my dog listen to ths…his now a werewolf

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