43148 Aryia - NoThisSongIsntAboutYou (Official Music Video)

Aryia – NoThisSongIsntAboutYou (Official Music Video)

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2yG47si
Apple Music: https://apple.co/2PtICCs
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2yf5zTm

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/badboywolfy
Twitter: https://twitter.com/badboywolfy

Shot, edited, and directed by Evan Croker.

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27 reviews - Aryia – NoThisSongIsntAboutYou (Official Music Video)

  1. Shenanna says:

    Just came from Amber's video, this is a vibe

  2. This really spoke to me bro, i needed this rn so thank you, it was ?? I come from the sexy simple stupid days, one of your og subscribers (might not be this account)! Finna hit you up on insta look out for boylocosv , i think I could be a great asset!!

  3. Wake me up when september ends

  4. Fuck this weather, just forget her??
    Master of Lyrics ,brother!

  5. Lyrics:

    I'm an alcoholic sex addict
    So dramatic, gotta have it
    You fuckin' hate me
    I feel unhappy, still a savage
    Can't get rid of my bad habits
    Cause I can't fuck my way to
    Feeling better, she gets wetter
    Fuck this weather, just forget her
    That's what I tell myself
    Incapacitated, masturbated
    Sick of faking, fuckin' hate it
    And everyone around me
    I'm apathetic, my life's too hectic
    My car, I wrecked it
    I learned my, ohhh
    I'm apathetic, my life's too hectic, yeah
    I learned my lesson
    Not to fuck with a basic girl from LA

  6. I totally can relate to this as a girl version

  7. Pyromaniac says:

    I discovered Aryia through Mulholland Drive and ever since I’ve been subscribed and I love your music. Keep up the badassery! Sincerely, Me

  8. Look bruh Aryia needs to get more attention his music is ?? Hes ??? Ya know

  9. Mia Moore says:

    Still a great song ❤

  10. Aryia , you got an amazing music..♥♥ happy 1st yr anniversary. .u made it..mores to come

  11. liamavfc says:

    Good song from lana

  12. Love your songs.. Fan from India

  13. Erica Shea says:

    Sounds like me Btw

  14. LEXNOUR says:


  15. max mb9 says:

    Why is on skin playliste ?

  16. this record is fire!

  17. bruh what happened to your production tutorials dawg?

  18. fuck, i love you

  19. Joseph says:

    its good but make happier music

  20. Momentai says:

    Love the editing and music. Keep it up Aryia 😀

  21. i don’t get how he isn’t more popular

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